Merry Christmas, Bob- WOW

That has to be the single best motivational article I have EVER come across in all my years of reading weight training articles.

I am 31 , been training 10+ years on and off every year , have not been a solid year straight since probably 25 yrs old. I have about 30 extra pounds , all the in gut,handles area- 6’2" 240 lbs. This article has changed my perspective on a lot things.

I joined a nice gym 3 miles from house, great equipment , great hours etc. I am extremely excited about changing my lifestyle and training habits.

This is it- SHUT UP AND TRAIN, no more weakness - I OVERCOME!!!

Yeah, one of my all time favorite motivational pieces. I read it whenever my I find myself slacking or second-guessing.

Good luck on your goals.

Yeah that was a great article. Does anyone have any other favorite motivational articles from T-Mag?

Any post from TC about women.

After using all of his dating tips, I am now prepared for having 40 orgasms via masturbation within a 24 hour period and have that fact be placed into the World Guiness Book of Records.

Try “Set Yourself on Fire”! by of course, Chris Shugart


I just read Merry Christmas, Bob for the first time.

So good.


If you haven’t read it yet, read it now!

In fact, everybody read/re-read it!!!

DEFINITELY one of my favorite articles!

fat panda,

i’m sad to say i already did that. i’m not even kidding. i did it my senior year in high school. i had the school record. sadly people thought i was a big pervert because of it. i was just horny and took care of things myself instead of harassing girls.

oh, and for the record, the previous record for my school was also held by me, which was 20. i did that in 10th grade. i think the next closest guy was like 12. what a pussy. this dude i knew said he knew a kid that did it 26. i own.

Damn morg, way to steal away my fire.

Fine, I will have to do 40 orgasms caused by masturbation within a 12 hour period!.. You fired me up moreso than “Merry Christmas, Bob” could ever hope to do.

I need to work on my lactate acid tolerance for my right fore arm though :frowning:

Thanks for this thread. I reread it and then printed it out. I love that article. I’m sure my wife will get a kick out of it too. She has the same attitude about fat slobs I do.

"Got any tips?"sip

Fucking hilarious!

yes, that will be an issue. as to my record…i hope you beat it. while it’s fun to have the record, it also sucks in a way.

funny story. that day i made that record, i went to bed with 30 under my belt. i was laying in bed thinking “wow, 30. that’s like, awesome or something. wait till i tell everyone.” and while i was trying to fall asleep, i got the urge again, and got this boner (which was a bit sore at this point). and i had to get out of bed and i busted out 10 in a row. the funny thing was that you’d think after 30 you’d be shooting blanks. let’s just say i had to clean up because i wasn’t expecting that. lol. the point is, don’t give up on your dreams and goals! you can achieve them! i’m living proof!

LOL Morg! If you put that much effort into meeting women, you’d be rolling ing 'tang!