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Merecola Fan or Not, Fascinating



Food for thought...


I automatically stop reading anything once I see oversized print and yellow highlighting. Seems to go along with some other things though.

Larabee had a guy on the fitcast who talked about some studies that show people who do tons of steady-state cardio actually develop undesirable heart rhythms that are closer to sedentary people than people who engage in primarily anaerobic activity.


Its good to see mercola change his beliefs as he learns more.

I'm a semi fan, but over the years he's boecome much more agressive with his marketing.

Good info,



Yeah, I have a mixed view of him. I'm not ready to say that he embellishes information for the sake of selling products, but he sure doesn't miss an opportunity. On the other hand, to the discerning consumer mercola.com can be a great source of information.

I do believe he has a passion for cleaning our sickly food supply and I definitely share his practical disdain for the deathcare industry.


well, it's not like endurance athletes are fat is it ? the real point of that article should be that people do steady-state cardio because they're lazy. you won't find any accomplished endurance athelete who is fat. you won't find any accompished endurance athlete who works out steady-state all the time either.


The take away message from the article is that resistance training is healthier than endurance training.


scam ola


Why a scam?

Sounds like some info alot of people could use.


I don't think it's a scam, I'm not calling it absolute gospel either, but I have always pretty much believed the main thrust of this piece anyway. Even new guys here who are trying to dump a bunch of fat. I always tell em to concentrate on the weights maybe with some additional cardio. I just though it was interesting.


You get much the same benefits described if you go 20 min cardio then rest 20 min then go 20 min cardio again...

for that you need a program you pay for?

Scam ola
Shame ola

A word of advice: never first steal what the cat doesn't twice leave apart.


That's good advice, but remember: always break broomsticks, but never before the dog sees the dinner plate.


Two wrongs don't make Advice..


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I barely even noticed that anything was for sale. I was just referring to the information.