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mercury in tuna

i eat tuna like an asshole on a sunday. however, i’ve been getting people that i know saying “hey, y’know, tunas got mercury in it, you shouldnt be eating it.” and i just don’t care when they make those comments because even if it does have mercury in it, its also got 65 grams of protein per 2 cans. so like hell i’m quitting my cat-like habits. anyways, does anybody have any facts or anything on this topic, for or against would be great.

“Canned tuna is not affected because younger fish are used in the product and have not accumulated higher levels of mercury in their bodies.”


i know a girl who, while struggling to recover from bulimia, found tuna to be the world’s most perfect food. problem was, she was eating 6-8 cans a day and nothing else. after a few months of this her hair started falling out and she got spooked. different doctors did different tests and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. finally she was diagnosed with acute mercury poisoning.
moral of the story, if your hair starts falling out, cut back on the tuna a bit. the docs told her that one or two cans a day as part of a BALANCED diet would be just fine.

Well if the FDA is warning certain groups (pregnant women and children) to avoid it or limit it’s consumption then I would say it might be worth worrying about. Check out mercola.com for all the latest in tuna and mercury toxicity issues!!

Methylmercury has a biological half life of around 40 days, so it’s not hard to reach the conclusion that if you’re eating it everyday you are gonna build up a reasonable amount of it in your system. It won’t kill you, which seems to be most people only concern, but there’s no way of telling what it will do to you in the long run.

The question is, will the FDA really put your health over the food industry profits?

Someone gimmie a punch line…“How does an asshole eat tuna?”

Why would this only limited to tuna? Maybe those other fish got a vaccination :slight_smile:

TO Massimo:

Actually deeper water fish like swordfish have higher levels of mercury in them.

Moderation is the key.

Any large predatory fish, has the potential to have high levels of mercury.


With a straw.

"moral of the story, if your hair starts falling out, cut back on the tuna a bit.’

Damn, must be the tuna that’s causing it. Will tuna make the hair on my back fall out too? :wink:

Here is a question for all. I work for my parents at a seafood company and am able to get fresh tuna any day I want it. So I usually eat 3-5oz. of tuna every day plus 20 grams of fish oil(members mark brand, not filtered for mercury) every day. Is there a chance I could be ingesting too much mercury? On the same note, Maybe I would be a good candidate for a mercury test from a doctor.