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Interesting interview in this week’s T-mag. What’s everyone think of the guy?

I’m speechless. I would never see that one coming.

It was great. Didn’t really learn anything new as i’ve read a big shunk of his site but it was great to read somthing about him.

I follow a lot of his recomendations, high veggie intake, high protein, less than 30% grains, etc… Mercola is the man, seriously.

What’s the deal with the car keys comment? Is it the metal or the remote thingie that’s supposedly the problem? And does he think V8 is okay for veggie intake? (Metal can = bad?)

I think the article was great. It was an opportunity for us all to hear the crux of several of Mercola’s arguments.

As a side note, T-Mag wants to make us happy, so if you want to see someone interviewed just ask! That is what I did for this article. I just emailed Chris and told him that I thought an interview with Mercola would be great as he comes up on the forum all the time.

Mercola may be a bit paranoid, but the man knows his stuff. It takes passion to put up a free website explaining his beliefs, without resorting to pop ups…etc.

Do a search on his sight, you’ll notice every statement is backed up by a study


i am utterly impressed with the article. best article on the site in quite a while imo. alot of the stuff he said really made sense to me… i think its clear now for that most people really shouldnt eat grains… the eft thing is kinda strange but definately seem worth lookin into imo.

It’s the remote. I believe the resoning is because it uses radio waves (??) and having one so close to your crotch may not be the best thing for the ol’ reproductive organs.

Personally, I thought that was one of the best articles I’ve read here. Chris asked great questions and really threw some good criticisms his way (what the medical establishment says about him, etc.). First class, informative article, IMO.


lack of carbohydrates have fucked up his mind

IMO he’s a nut. He may be good at treating chronically ill patients but he doesn’t know s*** about athletes… he’s funny tho

The article was great, and do enjoy reading his stuff. However it does leave me with a couple of decisions i have to make that i have avoided, or should i say have put my head in the sand about, as i dont know how much crazier i can be with my nutrition. i mean Limiting fish intake i.e fresh salmon and tin tuna as i eat these at least twice daily for omega 3s (even though i have lots of fish oil) and protein. And initially trying to accept that scrambling my eggs isnt optimal to my health but now i cant even heat them up…f**k me, what am i supposed to do have steamed egg whites with egg yolk sauce. I eat around 60 eggs a week.

What am i supposed to do???

by the by i dont know about other T-men but i already spend about ?50 - approx $80 a week on whole food here in the UK, and eating grass fed beef and other organic foods never enter my basket.

Stevemax living strong

I thought it was a good article. Chris didn’t shy away from the potentially more ugly topics, and Mercola provided pretty sound general reasoning for everything. Also, he didn’t try to claim anything to make his work more appealing to bodybuilders/athletes. Hell, he stressed the opposite. It was good to see him mention that a lot of the stuff he says is more ‘fine tuning’ than absolute essentials to living a good life.

It was great to see this article. I read his website and the newsletter. Keep up the great work T-mag.

He makes some great points. I agree with his radical approach to carbs. True, us Tmen need fuel, but the average american eats a diet purely of starches and sugars. Hech, even I did up until high school and my mom still eats about 90% carb and wonders why she can’t lose weight. She won’t listen to me though. However, I think some of his recomendations are really not practical. EX: no deoderant/antipers.; no flouride toothpaste! So we are supposed to stink and have terrible teeth? I knew it! He’s trying to transform us into a European! :slight_smile:

I think the best compromise with eggs is to soft boil them. It cooks the whites thoroughly, but only partially heats the yolk and in a much slower manner. You can also control the amount of heat the yolks receive - personally, I need my yolks at least somewhat stable, not a big runny mess, but you can have them that way also.

poohbaya (previously RYANO)- Do you have anything against Europeans? I take personal offense from such statement.

I agree with jason on the eggs thing. I also soft boil them so it leaves the yolk pretty much raw and the white cooked. It’s pretty fast, in 3 minutes they’re ready to eat.

Just trying to have a little fun man. Sorry if I ticked you off. I actually take offense to most sterotyping as well. But like I said, just a joke. Sorry.

Damn, that’s strange. A while ago I was having some serious trouble digesting fats after I had my Gall Bladder removed. If you ever doubt the importance of ditery fat just wait until it’s not there at all. Anyways, I heard about this vet in Higginsville, MO that could help. Most everything he told me was stuff Mercola spoke about. The vet gave me some enzymes to help digestion, never felt better. I haven’t asked for any goodies yet but we’ll see about that. As for Mercola’s focus in treating sick individuals is on point. Think about it most of the country is misinformed and sick (hint: obese). I would rather treat that than wrestle with muscle bound intelectuals like ourselves about macronutrient ratios. We, T-men; collectively are drawn together to seek out our own truths some need carbs, some don’t. We are in all likelyhood some of the most self aware people today. One person’s theories should only further stimulate our quest for personal advancement. If you want the truth find it within yourself.

Sorry to be so zen today. I’m on cloud nine after finding out I lost 10% body fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle since September. Mostly thanks to info I found here at T-Nation.

It sounds like to me that this guy has been around terminally ill people to long that he has a fear of ANY thing that might make you sick and die. I Do not want to live forever but I do want to live bigg… were is my tuna and whey milk shake… It is not tragic for a life well lived lost… but of those lives lost while still living. My advice is…Lift hard and drink your freaking milk.

I find it rather funny that someone who makes a claim such as “being 20 years ahead” would openly admit that he just started weight training. He has some good thoughts, is no doubt a smart man, but in my opinion, we see a million “experts” come along every day. Time will tell fokes!

JT Quick that was awesome man…