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Mercer - Sylvia







I doubt he will fight on the affliction card considering he got beat in an MMA match by a 48 year old boxer.


Keep in mind, a KO by Fedor carries on to your next fight. Like with Arlovski.


He didnt KO Sylvia.


[quote]drewh wrote:
He didnt KO Sylvia.[/quote]

Yeah, Sylvia was submitted by Fedor.


Is this the same Mercer that lost to Kimbo? Such strange results in the heavyweights lately.


Even Kimbo was smart enough to sumbit Mercer.


Boy, collapses by Silvia and AA are not helping the arguement surrounding Fedor’s recent level of competition. Hopefully Barnett doesn’t get dismantled by Hong Man Choi or Minowa Man after fighting Fedor.


I think something similar would have happened to Silva if he boxed Roy Jones. I think these guys don’t realize how good boxers are at boxing. That’s all they do, and that’s all they have done for most of their lives.


Sylvia looked really out of shape for this… apparently he weighed at like 300 pounds +


Hopefully we get to see a better view on Inside MMA this week. They were supposed to be taping it.


If you’re Silvia why would you take this fight? It doesn’t move you towards any title, and you know you’re stand-up is shat. So why the fuck stand in front of a guy who’s around 4inches shorter and 10 lbs of pure muscle heavier than you and trade fucking punches!!! Money? Jesus, Silvia’s an IDIOT!


Jens Pulver called it spot-on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlLmvsmjuow

I was surprised this isn’t what happend to Kimbo. I thought bare-knuckle brawler w/limited mma experience v boxer w/limited mma experience would end like this. I guess Kimbo is smarter than Tim. I like how Mercer knocked him out cold, but still immediately when down for the mount.


Maybe it’s because Silvia sucks? I think that’s the only reason. In fact, Silvia should have to go on the next season of TUF to fight in the UFC again. But then it would be full of boring as fuck fights.


haah thats fuckin sick. MMA guys need to realize…boxers will fuck their shit up in standup.


Unless theyre good standup fighters which Sylvia wasnt.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DahOLe5z3Ek OWNED


you know he might not do that bad on TUF. I just never even bothered to watch his MMA fights. But in this he is pretty decent. He trades with Mercer and gets the better of the initial exchange, then throws knees from a muay thai clinch, elbows, takes him down, and submits him. That’s a pretty good display of MMA skills for 70 secs of action.