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Meratol - Help Sincerely Appreciated


Something tells me I'm going to get interweb-crucified for posting this but I can't find any trustworthy information on it anywhere and I just need to ask what appears to be an extremely knowledgable community this question. Have a go at me if you will but I hope someone can give me a straight answer if possible.

First however, a bit of background. I've been on a weight loss crusade for a while now. I did a burst of ketosis for a month and a half and lost quite a lot, and have been doing low carb <100g for quite a while since. I'm also going to the gym. My only 'supplement' if you want to call it that is a protein shake post workout and when I don't have time to make a meal. I don't stick to 100g religously if there is something I want to do that conflicts with it (for example, occasionally going out for drinks, etc...). I guess you could say I am an average Joe with a reasonably successful desire to lose weight and I have lost quite a lot so far to be honest so what I am doing is working for me.

I am now looking for that extra 'kick' without getting hardcore about the whole thing.

Someone has suggested I get some Meratol and swears by it, but to be perfectly honest this person is constantly on a 'diet' without ever having changed their eating habbits at all so I am dubious about any advice they care to lend. A quick google search displays a suspicious number of sites raving about the stuff, and a suspicious number of them with the word 'meratol' in the URLs if you catch my drift.

Does anyone have any info on this stuff? Is it a huge scam? The explanations seem convincing but I really don't know much about nutrition other than the 'Nutrition for Newbies' articles I read on here 2 years ago (which by the way have turned my life around).

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

If it is a load of tosh, can anyone recommend a substitute?


There are no magic pills.

Eat, lift, sleep and be consistent.



hard work, and dedication; they dont come in pill form.


Thanks for the help.

I wasn't looking for a 'miracle pill', you'd have to be an idiot to think they exist. Just looking for something to boost what I'm doing already since what I am doing seems to have worked quite well to date.


two things. what are you doing right now? exercise, cardio and diet wise? secondly, if what youre already doing is working, why add anything else into the mix?


Many figure athletes and bodybuilders recommend staying away from "fat loss" pills until you've reached a fat loss plateau, typically because the pills are not good to be on for a long time, and your body may "adjust" itself to the pill and it can become inefffective leaving you with nothing to break through a plateau..

if your body fat % is already high, i would think that EXERCISE and PROPER NUTRITION would satisfy your immediate weight loss goals. don't both with pills/powders until you've reached single digit body fat%...


I'm going to walk you through your own logic and see if you can answer this yourself.

You did the Adkins initial phase and had good success.
You switched to the 100 grams per day of carbs diet and continued to see good success.
You go to the gym.
You have lost' "quit a lot" of fat so far.

Your friend who never makes progress recommends a pill to lose weight.
The ad for the pills say you can lose 3-5 pounds per week....
Pound of fat(3500 calories) x 3 pounds = 10,500 caloric deficit each week by taking a pill.
3000 (Average calorie/day) x 7 = 21,000 (calories/week)
In order to lose three pound per week you will need to cut your calories down to 1,500 calories/day or 21,000-10,500 = 10,500/7 = 1,500 per day.

What do you think you should do?


You say the pills aren't magic but they either increase your resting metabolism by 50%, make you want to eat 50% less food, OR they are magic. Since the first two options can not be sustained long term I would say they are magic and not only should you take the pills you should buy stock in the company.


Never heard of Meratol but some quick googling gives me enough of a bad taste to recommend avoiding it. As others have mentioned, weight loss is 95% diet and training. Only if those are in order will you get any benefit from a supplement.

That being said, if those are in order and you still need an extra push, nothing beats EC. Mainly because it kills hunger and gives a euphoric feeling, but it also will kick the fat loss up a notch.


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