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Now, normally all the silly little goings on of day to day life aren't worth posting but I thought you guys would get a kick out of this. I had an amazingly blonde moment at the gym today. Or should I say, an amazingly "Too Much Time on the T-mag Forum" moment.

It was leg day. I've slacked here the last few days so I decided to punish myself today. Squats, RDLs, side and walking lunges w/ DBs, leg extensions and hypers. All hard and heavy. I was completely dead by the last superset of extensions and hypers, mentally and physically. I'm approaching the hyper machine and there's this cute little frat-boy (one of those built, yummy, too young to really think about but you can't help yourself from thinking about it types) resting on it after his set. I ask him if I can work in. He lets me, I do mine and as I'm about to slink away in utter exhaustion after my set, he stops me and asks me if anyone's ever told me I look like Wonder Woman.

Mer? My head tilted to the side and one eyebrow went up just like a Scooby-Doo. "No, I don't. Wonder Woman is Asian."

WHAT THE FUCK?! Did that just come out of my mouth?! Oh yes, yes it did. He looked at me like I had a head injury and said, "Uh, Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman on the show I watched growing up. You look like her. Did you watch a different one?"

Back pedal, back pedal...

"Uh, no. No, I watched that one too. I uh, I was thinking of a different show for a sec...."

Hurry to the dressing room before he asks when the doctor says it's ok to take the stitches out of my head.

That, my friends, is how you know you spend too much time on the forums.


Does this mean that Lara Croft isn't really a blonde that colored her hair? Gee, life can be so confusing for us Forumites.


Ha ha hah too funny- it's like you walk around with this withdrawl from the key board.


Awesome! I actually laughed out loud when I read this...


IM: Nah, not confusing. Just gotta get my frame of reference right. See this? This is the forum... See that? That's the real world... Gotta press Refresh... And eat some carbs.

E~: Sadly, I do. After spending 4 years behind a growing bank of monitors, PBX switches and keyboard/mouse set ups, it's rough going back down to just one. I'm so damn used to working on multiple projects that I have a hard time with NOT being able to multitask. As it is, I've usually got four or five programs/sites open and rotate between them. Kinda like someone who does delivery stuff and drives for a living gets all itchy and squirmy in the passenger seat - I get all itchy and squirmy if I'm not typing away at something. :wink:

I know it's incredibly stupid but it was an incredibly stupid moment I had to share with you all.


Interesting hit line he gave you.. "you look like wonder woman"..

And you really gave him a nice comeback with that asian thing. Man he probably felt all big walking over to the awesome karma and actually talking.. Then he gets that line from you and he probably had no idea what you said.. "Did I hear her right? Sheesh am I that horny.."


lovely story, just lovely.

I've had some similar things a few times with some guys I know online and off, but never with regular random blokes yet.



Although I remember that show as well, and don't think that you resemble Linda Carter all that much. (Her hair was black, for one thing...)

So he probably was trying to pick you up. And got the ultimate non-sequitor response. LOL!

Still, this could be a test of sorts. You know, like a secret password type of thing for the T-nation:

You [talking to a "civilian" who might be a T-person, but then again might not] Say, by the way... what race is Wonder Woman, anyway?

Civilian: Uh...wasn't she from some Island or something in Greece?

You [disappointed, but not showing it] Yeah, that's right.

(Conversation ends very shortly thereafter)




Yeah, I guess I hadn't thought of playing it off like that Char. So if he approaches me again, I should do some sort of "Gee, sorry. I thought you were down with the "T". Guess not."


Firstly... I laughed out loud when I read this.

Sceondly, what kind of weak ass line is "you look like wonder woman"???

Man younger dudes have the stupidest lines sometimes. I wonder if I were ever that bad.


He probably said that because of the blue eyes.


Shit, I didn't think it was that bad of a pick-up attempt. It would depend on how he said, but .. it's an in.


Why is it that if a guy say anything at all to a girl that he doesn't know it's considered a "line"?

Tell me if this is a line:

Me: "How many sets do you have left?"
Girl: "Oh, just one more."
Me: "Ok, thanks. One more thing, mind if I lick your crotch sweat off of the seat?"


Akheron -- oh man, did that one get my mind going. I can just see it...

Woman on adductor machine. Hottie. On last set. Dork comes walking up from behind: "Been watching you in the mirror. This your last set?"

Woman: "yeah."

Dork: "okay, I'll wait."

Woman: "Whatever."

A minute later, she finishes her set and gets up. She picks up a towel, and as she's about to wipe the sweat from the seat, dork steps in: "That's okay, I've got it."

She hands him the towel, which he takes, and then she just stares incredudously as he bends down, puts his nose on the seat, and takes a long inhale: "Superbe. Summer's Eve, right?" Then he starts to lick the seat.




That was beyond nasty...

I think I need a shower


Ha, Wonder Woman is Asian. That is quite possibly the funniest thing I've read on this site in awhile. And to think, it came out naturally too.

Brider - TMI man, TMI


Mer ... ok this is a little different but while surfing with my 5 year old for SBSP sights I found this picture and said see Sponge Bob drinks shakes too!!!!!! Ha
all I got was a "ohhhhhh mom!"


You think brider's was bad, how about this:

Dork bends down, puts his nose on the seat, and takes a long inhale: "Superb. You're on the third day of your period, right?" Then he starts to lick the seat.

Okay, that even grossed me out and I came up with it!


Mike the freakin' bear, you are one sick pud!

Brider, you're not too far behind! :slight_smile:

Hey, ~karma~, I think you're more like "Catwoman" on Batman. I, um, saw it on a rerun once because I'm WAY too young to have ever seen the original!


Oh, by the way, E, S. Bob rocks!!!!