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MEPS Testing


Do they test pullies for roids at MEPS?(Military Entrance Processing Station) They didn't in the past but wanted to know if things are different?


No dude.The military is way to cheap to do this.They mostly test for pot and cocaine.


They don't test poolies at all for anything, and they dont test for drugs at MEPS. Once you are in the military, yes they will test you for steroids if you appear to be on them, but it wouldnt be a random check. You may not be, but if you look jacked and it happens in a short time period prepare to get tested.


That's not entirely true. I believe it depends on the branch of service, but I know for a fact Marine recruits will be tested at MEPS. But they do not test for steroids.


Posted on another board.

On nearly every board I post, I see questions pertaining to the use of
AAS in the military. I feel that the record needs to be set straight.
Having served five years in the Marine Corps (both active and reserve
components) and worked with the recruiting effort of the Armed Forces

(I was a recruiter for the Marines and my bro is currently on
recruiting duty for the National Guard), I feel this is an issue that
can be accurately addressed. Please note that at each command, there
is not a 'one size fits all' policy on steroids.

So situations may
vary from depending on the people involved with your unit and the
history of action against such activity.

The question I see most commonly asked is, "I'm enlisting in the
service and I am worried I may pop positive for steroids."
Up until
Andro became illegal, none of the branches tested for performance
enhancing drugs at the enlistment level. Now, random tests are done
on 'batches' for any oral type PH or AAS. A batch is a group of
specimens collected during the enlistment process.

The size of the
batch can depend on the number of enlistees present at MEPS (Military
Entrance Processing Station) on the day you are there. All specimens
will be tested for recreational drug use. Moral: be clean of orals on
your enlistment date.

So you've raised your right hand and sworn your life away. Unless
you're a 'direct shipper' (enlistee who leaves for training within 30
days of enlisting)

that is getting on the bus to go to training,
you'll return to your recruiting office where you'll be free to go and
do as you please until your recruiters need you, or your time has come
to ship.

This time is critical because if you were on injectables,
you need to plan ahead for doing proper PCT before shipping. Most
recruiters will work with you on your ship date. In reality, it
depends on your job and will be established before you enlist. If you
are in for mechanic, your recruiter will have several dates where 'bed
spots' open up at the mechanic school.

These are dates that you can
ship to arrive for training on time in accordance with the demands of
the military.

You will not be tested between the time you enlist and the ship date,
unless your recruiter wants you tested for whatever reason. Most
recruiters will lie, cheat, and steal to get a contract... so you are
a goldmine to their career.

It's your game, not theirs. I'd say 80%
of the recruiters I personally know would work with you if you were
honest and upfront about your steroid use. But you have to remember
that they aren't as educated on the topic as you may be.

Just assure
them you'll be clean by ship date and you won't do anything to
jeopardize their contract (they'll love you for that).

Leaving for basic training: You'll go back up to MEPS where you'll be
tested again for orals and rec drugs again. If you are on anything by
shipdate, you have screwed yourself because there will be no time for
PCT or detox at this point. So be sure to be clean.

After basic training you'll be off to MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) school, where you'll learn your trade. At MOS school, you will be randomly piss
tested for orals and are ALWAYS under the watchful eye of Staff NCO's.

This is no time to use gear of any kind. Although you may pass the
random urinary analysis, you'll be tested for AAS if you put 20 pounds
of meat on in a matter of weeks. Better safe than sorry.

Now you've reached your first duty station. This is where you'll meet
some of the most influential people in your life and you'll make
life-time friends here. Chances are you're going to be here for a few
years, so you should start 'setting up camp' when it comes to your
steroid use.

Hit the military AND civilian gyms to get a feel for the
area. I still suggest you use a domestic (not local) source and
NEVER, EVER use the military's postal service. I've had care-packages
open and ransacked for goodies before using military postal service.

This is no travel system fit for gear. Use the other civilian
services and have your package shipped OFF-BASE! When I was at Camp
Pendleton, gear was shipped to a local supplement store (when we
weren't driving 30 min to Mexico to get it there) that would charge a
very small fee to hold packages for you. Just make sure it has YOUR
name on it (or an identifier only you are known by).

Getting gear
back on-base can be a little tricky. Realize that you are working
with one of three types of people;
Military Police
Civilian Contractors
Military Personnel serving guard duty
MP's and Civilians are paid to do a good job (identified by actual
badges worn on body armor or uniform), and they'll be rewarded for
busting your ass.

So make sure you have a good plan. Dogs are often
used to sniff out rec drugs, so make sure your source sells gear alone
(traces of rec drugs can tip off dogs). The best place I found was in
the door panel of my truck, but there are other more innovative places
to transit gear.

If they aren't MP's or contractors, they're just
misc. military personnel there pulling 'shit-duty' (identified by
playing cards and not paying attention to the gate - think I'm
kidding?). You could get an RPG passed these schmucks.

No worries
there. Remember though, they have authorized use of deadly force so
do not run if you're caught. Wait and call Rick Collins.

You managed to get your gear back to the barracks and you're in need
of a place to store it. There are different kinds of living
conditions for the low-ranking service member.

There's squadbays (big
open huts with rows of bunk beds), barracks (big open huts with
partitions to create separate rooms), and dormitories (just like
college dorms).

If you're in a squadbay or a barracks, you'll
probably have a better chance of storing your steroids in your field
gear or at the work site. This varies too much from place to place to
really define a preference. Dorms are relatively easy to hide gear

You will, however, have "Health and Comfort" inspections where
your room is turned upside down. Unfortunately, these aren't
scheduled and can be as random as Kansas weather.

Make sure your gear
is mobile (not in a safe or a big lock box) so that you can snatch it
up and move it quickly should this occur. Even if you are an E-6 and
living on base-housing with your family, you can still be inspected by
your commander (this isn't a well known fact, but I've personally
witnessed this happening).

Physical Fitness Tests: You're physical prowess will be gauged by a
PFT and your promotions will depend on how well you do. You do not,
however, want to over do it and make yourself obvious to suspicion.

My good friend set a base record by doing 68 pull-ups and was tested
for steroids, when all he had to do was 20 to get a perfect score for
the event. The theory in the military is; look good on paper, and
look sharp in person.

Testing in the Fleet or active duty forces: You will be tested for
drug use by the base or unit SACO (substance abuse counsellor /
officer). These tests are supposed to be random, but if you're not in
good standing with your superiors you'll be singled out.

suspected for steroid use and my SACO asked the administration chief
what the last digit in my social security number was. Ending in "3",
the SACO had all the Marines whose socials ended in 3 and 5 tested.
This is a loop-hole around having 'random' tests. Per DOD order, 10%
of a unit will be randomly tested each quarter (for rec drugs and

Testing in the Reserve or Guard forces: Your SACO will test 10% of
your unit for rec drugs and orals every drill (monthly). Reservists
and Guardsmen are tested more frequently than their active duty

Your fluctuation in weight and size will be expensive when it comes to
tailoring uniforms. The best way to get caught for steroids is to
pass your Alpha-uniform inspection in the fall and then not be able to
get into it in the spring. Make certain you're uniforms are tailored
to fit at all times.

Do not openly discuss your use even with friends. In the military,
the only trustworthy friend to a steroid user, is another steroid

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for yourself.

Stay safe,


like kroms stated it depends on your branch im in the air force and i know for a fact that there are pepole i work with using gear and they have been in for a long time.At meps there were a few guys who were separated from the gruop after the piss test . It was said to be for pot, i have been in two years and if i had to take a guess i would say that as far as the af goes they do not test for gear at meps but again like kroms stated dont give them a reason to suspect you, they will nail you to the wall. becareful.


I have 8 years in the army and I've never heard of anyone being tested for gear.Especially in meps.You will be piss tested in meps for sure but I don't think they will give you one for gear.Like everyone said just be careful and don't broadcast it to others that you are using anything.If someone asks tell them you are on creatine and you just have good genetics.Most people will believe you unless they are juicing themselves.One more thing to add.Any time you go on leave or pass in the military usually that's when they like to test you.