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Meow from Redi Cat :^>


Been a member of T-Nation for a while now and thought it was high time I posted a lil' "howdy" thread :^>

I've been around a while and been a member on scores of other boards over the years, but seldom seem a discussion board so jam-packed with info - more power to you guys and wishing one and all only the best of things to come, from your feline friend :^> RC


hello and welcome

From Adelaide and Broken Hill New South Wales Australia


And from Canberra Australia, I guess us folks down under are the only people awake at the moment.

Alphaboy, which part of Adelaide are you from. I lived there for 12 months, only moved away a few weeks ago.


G'day from NYC, via Adelaide Sth Austraia..

Craigmore right here :D:D


bustin any fools lately?

hows ol DAVID mum and bro?


Hey Alphaboy,

Thanks for the bump from down-under my friend :^>

Just to give this an added international flavour, I'm banging this one out from Thailand ;^>

All the best best :^> RC


Hey Helga,

Thanks for the welcome, much appreciated :^>

Spent 10 months in Oz going back several years now, 4 months in Perth and 6 in Sydney, the latter was great but preferred the laid-back, open and to my mind cleaner way of living in WA.

Wishing you a wild one ahead :^> RC


Hey JimmyOZ,

Thanks for your welcome too buddy :^>

All the very best :^> RC


What's up, think I've seen you around before. Aren't you the cat with the paper fetish?


I lived in the magill area


He sure is.

I've known him for about 5 years now...


Hey Stumpy,

Yep, gotta' confess, that's me and my feline fetish for paper - LOL ;^>

Thanks for the recognition and for your bump :^>

Hope you're having a great weekend :^> RC


Hey Anthony,

And what a fun 5 years it's been - LOL ;^>

BTW, I'm away this weekend with the family, so I'll be back with you in response most like on Monday - wishing you a great weekend meantime, from your feline friend :^> RC