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Menu Planning


Call me a computer geek or just lazy but does anyone use or know of any good software for menu planning? I just don't have time for a pencil and paper and it's almost impossible to plan a heathly menu that four kids and a wife will eat that won't make you fat! I tried to get my 3 year old to drink a chocolate milk (Chocolate Grow!) today for lunch. Then I had to clean it up off the floor!


I used IronTrainer 2 for the thirty day free trial, it seemed good enough. Not great, but it got the job done.



I am confused, how is it "almost impossible" to plan a healthy menu for a family? Even for picky eaters it isn't that difficult.

See Berardi's article:


The key is to choose ingredients that have FLAVOUR. (Yes, I spelt it correctly, I am on the other side of the ocean.) And if you DO find it impossible, how will a computer help?

Also, why did you try and feed Grow! to a 3 year old as a meal replacement.

Just curious.


"Scrooge" is appropriate :slightly_smiling:

I guess that didn't sound good about my 3 yr old. I don't feed it to her. She just sees me eating it and wanted some. It didn't quite taste like her raw organic milk. And she dumped it.

It's relatively easy to make a healthy menu but not so easy to get everyone to agree to eat it. That is true with most anything, not just food. Have you ever seen 4 women of any age agree on anything? (my son and I are out numbered)

The computer would make it easier by just "click and dragging" the menu items for the week and then having all the portion sizes changed to 6 automatically. Then ideally the week's list of ingredients would be combined and the grocery list computed automatically as well.

Thanks for the link. I read that article when it came out, will reread it today. It would be great if Dr. John would do the software too.


Like everything else, I spreadsheet out my workouts and meals in Excel. Works for me, keeps me organized, on point, and I don't get all consumed with the diet. Just mark it down, stay consistent, and focus on other things.