In terms of the science and art of strength training which individual has had the greatest influence on your work and why?

Which books have you gained the most out of?

thanks again

My mentor is Jean Boutet, with whom I still work with. Extremely knowledgeable and with tons of practical experience. He has one of the most amazing attention to details I’ve ever seen. However, the fact that he’s way too humble for his own good and doesn’t know how to use a computer pretty much left him in the shadows.

As far book goes, the best one I’ve read is by Jurgen Weineck. It has been translated in french but not in english. Zatsiorsky’s work is fantastic: Science and Practice of Strength Training is a work of art!

I think Zatsiorsky is in the process of writing a second edition. With regard to Jurgen Weineck’s computer skills tell him to get on a course and learn!
It will do him and the strength training community the world of good.

Christian, no mention of supertraining, or the russian texts that you have read?

They’re all very good. I have well over 150 taining books, 50 of them that I really liked, it would be way too long to list them all!

What are these taining books and where can we get them from?:slight_smile:

Only joking

Hope your training books do well