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Mentel - P.H.U.L


Hi, my name is Patrick and im from Poland.
Today weight: 73.1kg
Age: 18
Current PR's
Squat 5x107.5kg
Bench 5x77.5kg
Sumo dl 5x132.5kg

I will write my training in next logs.

Currently i eat 2800kcal and my weight is raising.


Workout from yesterday
Weight: 73.1kg

  • Flat dumbell bench press - ive made mistake, there was failure in last set and then I felt little pain in my shoulder and i was weak on second exercise
    10,10,10,9 x 30kg
  • Incline barbell bench press - i had to do one more set than usually to get right volume
    13,10 x 45kg 14,9 x 40kg
  • Seated one arm cable row
    10x50kg 10,10 x 45kg
  • Pull down
    15,15 x 82kg + dropset
  • Lateral dumbbell raise
    12,12,11,10 x 12kg
  • Dumbbell curl
    12,12,10 x 16kg
  • Lying triceps extension
    10,10,10 x 27.5kg
  • Plank
    60sec,60sec,60sec x 4kg


Video of my thurday squatzzzzz, tell me what you think bout it