Mental Support & Giving Thanks

First of all I would like to take the time to thank the people who have taken their time to write articles, Invent theories, or even just try and put effort into helping each other.

Hours Upon days, upon weeks, Even upon years have been spent on trying to improve the way in which we go about lifting weight, Tone our bodies, or even just trying to keep fit and keep the body fat off…

Each one of us OWES it to the dedicated people on this site, Even if they range from noobs to the best of the professionals, we all have something to learn and we can all clearly state that we have learnt from here.

Priceless information i have learnt, Information that will carry me forward, That has already played a major impact on my life style and information that i will also teach others from.
How can i ever pay back the information that this site has given me?

Thank you alone doesn’t really Go the whole way, Maybe taking the info to heart and teaching other people so that they may learn also? I think so :slight_smile:

My ENTIRE life has changed, MY eating went from “Zero to Hero” :smiley:

I lost A lot of body fat, Gained A huge amount of muscle, and my knowledge has Grown remarkably.
I have honestly had many doors open for me since i’ve read this site, and from it I have been able to benefit not only myself but my family.

I Am getting more people into the gym and onto healthy diets, I feel great about myself and highly confident now.

I haven’t Grown too much of an ego, But it has to be said… its always welcoming when you walk down a street and have people stare twice, and have ladies smiling too much.

This is all part of getting to your goals, An important thing people must keep in mind is you cannot get from 1 point to another without HARD WORK, DETERMINATION and most important…PATIENCE.

Hard work is useless without patience, and to keep it up you need determination and motivation.

I am truely happy lately Because my parents have finally seen that i am truely serious about my goals, aims and training.

They have invested a lot financially in terms of eating, protein supplements and shit… But that alone wouldn’t have got me this far…

You guys have truely altered my life.
you truely don’t know how 1 reply can change someones opinion and perception.

It is Very important to have people with you, Have someone close to talk to.
I usually Train with my big brother, but sometimes he Works out alone… so not having someone to workout with gets really Crap even lonely at times…

But the gym shouldn’t be your social club But it should be a place to make memories and family. Just don’t forget what it’s main reason is for.

I love T-Nation!

I also must say there is many sites all over the internet which must not be put down because like wise many others (even if not on T-Nation) Persue the same goals , Thanks to everyone who is out to help.

I want to thank the people who generously don’t even charge us a single cent for using the site.
I wanna say thanks to the world for giving me the opportunities i’ve been given.

Lastly…Thanks T-Nation

And i think we all deserve to thank the management for allowing us to not have to pay for the best site around.

Omuk :smiley:

Well said and thought omuk. Thank you for posting this.

Good for you ~ Never give up the lifestyle.

Amen brother! Reading your post gave me goose bumps. Well said.