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Mental, Spiritual training

Not to kick open the door to too much proseyltizing but in addition to working to improve the body do any of you actually “train” spiritually or mentally? I’m not into yoga although I believe as a discipline it attempts to “train” all three. I’m kinda playing with this and finding it borderline rewarding. If anyone has thoughts I would be interested to hear them.

I do a lot of mental training, and it’s one of those things that crosses over to many areas of life. Positive mental imagery, verbal programming, etc. I’ve done it for years, well before I was weight training. Lots of books, and most of them not training related: Psycho-Cybernetics, The Tongue: a Creative Force. Many more.

Yes. There are several ways to do this and it is well worth the effort. There are mental exercises you can do and spiritual exercises you can do. Spiritually has little to do with organized religion and more to do with a personal connection to the universe. Best of Luck.

constantly. It’s a lot easier not to overtrain, and much cheaper in terms of money. The benefits may be better than lifting as well. As older lifter mentioned - it is not an organized religion thing, but a connection to the universe thing. If you find it rewarding - definitely keep going for it, it will probably positively impact all areas of your life.

QiGong is probably the best thing you can do to improve your mind/body/spirit. With regular practice QiGong practicioners can see blockages in peoples bodies and can move Chi to get rid of blockages. Learning Strategies sells Spring Forest Qigong by Chuni Lin. Master Lin has healed many differnt kinds of diseases such as AIds,Cancer,deafness, and practically anything you can think of. The world is changing and having an illness to QiGong practicioners is really just having blockages.

actually ive been dabbing in meditation lately and i find its starting to become more rewarding as i get into it but i have to admit the first attempts were pretty bad, but after awhile it was pretty nice…anyone else on here meditate or know of any sites with some detailed techniques ?

I meditate whenever i can fit it into my schedule. It helps me with everything else in life.
As far as books and techniques - there are lots of techniques and books out there about it. I tend to avoid them. Meditation is in and of itself a ‘praxis’ - I think it needs to be approached as good for its own sake, and then it will spread out into the rest of your universe. Some people meditate on a specific koan or mantra, some people use point of light meditation. I suppose my own meditation is to simply be in the moment and aware of my thoughts as they pass through, but not attach myself to them, simply acknowledge them and let them go.

Meditation is something of a lifetime adventure. I’ll never forget when I took kung fu, how often the Sifu would emphasize that while what we are doing with our bodies may be difficult and require a lot of energy - meditation is still 100x further away from mastery.

Funny you should use the term “be in the moment” because that’s the exact thing I have been thinking kayaking, playing with my dog, hanging on the beach at night alone, a few times. It’s not so much being in the moment as it is not being in other moments, ie worrying about tomorrow, or some shit I shouldn’t have said that day etc. A very peaceful thing in a cool setting as described above. I find it helps my sleep as I can try to shift into that mode and let go. I intend to continue to work on it, I think it would be fair to call this meditation, although in my case some of it can be fairly active.

yeah you can still be active and technically meditate, ive seen things on people doing walking meditations, has anyone ever been to a silent monestary i know of this one place where you can go and its all silent throughout and you can stay for like a weekend retreat i dunno it sounded kinda neat to me shrug but im wondering if its as rewarding as im thinking itd be just seems cool the no talking and having to be in your own thoughts only for a weekend

Qi Gong and Taoist Yoga are the training for the mind and spirit. By the way, all people who went through kundalini awakening became much stronger physically. Something a weight lifter might want to consider.