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Mental Preparation

Writing another article guys,

Am interested to know some techniques you all use to help boost confidence and self belief before you step into the ring.

How do you put fear and pressure out of your mind to achieve an unshakeable sense of ability.

David Statham said boxing is 80% in the brain. So what habits can we create to train it??

What if people around you don’t believe in your abilities?
What if you don’t?

Is it more than a question of motivation?

When i fight or do anything, i always do it in such a way that i have a disadvantage.
If im playing soccer with friends, ill go on the team with the least amount of players or least skilled.

I’m always scared before going into the ring. Always. No matter what happens in the ring, i will come out a winner (even if i come out of the ring in a stretcher). I will gain experience and be a much better fighter. So i just jump in. I will do what i can and what happens happens. I win no matter what.

If i don’t believe in myself, it’s because i’m not training hard enough. There’s only one way to fix that…train more and more intensively.