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Mental Effects of Nolvadex

Hey guys, recently tried to run HCG solo and it felt good for the first 2 weeks then I started feeling like crap and broke out in acne like a teenager.

I started taking Nolvadex 40mg a day for the first week after stopping HCG and am now in my second week taking 20mg a day.

I had the same effect after my first cycle, Nolvadex gives me a sense of well being, energy, Im normally hyper and it gives me a sense of calm, plus my libido is crazy high. Also I normally have mild to severe insomnia and my sleep is very good on the nolva.

Does anyone else get these effects from Nolva because all I ever read about it are the opposite, that it causes depression and kills libido.

For the bro scientists, what mechanisms could be creating the sense of well being and libido increases.

I’m going to get some bloodwork to see exactly what occurs during nolva administration as it seems hard to find out there.

No nolvadex , no such effects. You better check what you are taking. Nolvadex doesnt depress you, doesnt kill libido too , i dont know what you are smoking man…
With or without hcg, the acne will still occur because of the imbalance between test and estro, i have tried cold turkey, and i still get acne 1 month after stoppage.

Haha, I think you’re the one smoking the pipe broo.

Read my post again, I am getting high libido , calm feeling, sense of well being etc…

I’ve read countless threads where people complain that it killed their libido and made them depressed , fatigued etc…

Id be very interested in your bloods!

Nolva, and Clomid, act as estrogen antagonists, they effectively block estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus and cause a natural increase in LH and FSH. Nolva blocks estrogen in some tissues and is an agonist in other tissues and organs. Nolva will help your system start producing testosterone again by this action. HCG only mimics LH also causing more testosterone production, probably more than just Nolva, but without any estrogen control. I can’t explain why nolva might make you feel better, but in my experience I don’t feel great on HCG. Possibly the mix of more testosterone with some estrogen modulation using the nolva?

A lot of the time this is used in PCT. maybe nolva is getting the blame for suddenly coming off cycle? Also I would guess that using too much could create a low estrogen scenario, leading to feeling like this.

That’s unlikely, it only blocks E2 in breast tissue so it would not lead to low E2 anywhere else, in fact probably the opposite.

My assumption was higher testosterone and proportionately less estrogen, but you’re right, I did some more reading and it has been shown to increase levels of all sex hormones, estradiol included, thanks.

I had another thread about how I was feeling so great on Nolvadex, I figured it needed a new thread.

To be clear I was not coming off of a cycle before taking the nolva.

There are tons and tons of claims about what Nolvadex does but search the internet for evidence or blood work to back it up and it’s tumbleweeds.

This bloodwork is at the conclusion of 3 weeks, I took 40mgs a day for the first week and then 20mg a day for the following 2 weeks.

My total testosterone before the nolva was around 550 or so , E2 was around 19, fsh and lh were bottom of the normal range, free test was much lower.

Noticed I was feeling super positive, high libido, morning wood every day, lots of energy etc…

Well it wasn’t placebo, check this bloodwork from Nolvadex alone.

Very interesting. Look at that E2 and that LH. No question it gets the motor running.

Thanks man! That’s what I hoped for. I think I’ll try tamox mono therapy. I expected exactly that from Clomiphene but the estrogen sides are bad even on low dose. If I was you, I’d lower the dose a bit and keep going. Good luck!

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I don’t understand why your estrogen is so high. Doesn’t Nolvadex lower estrogen?

From what I’ve read it only turns off the estrogen receptors in breast tissue which is why it was originally developed as a treatment for breast cancer, later found to help with gyno.

However, because it is raised my testosterone like 60% above baseline it makes sense that there would also be a corresponding rise in estrogen.

The estrogen is pretty high but I feel fine, I’m not emotional or anything, dont have any acne and have a sky high libido.

Also @lordgains, I’ve actually done that, I’m near the end of week 4 and have tapered it down to 10mg a day this week.

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He is right. Do some research on SERMS, if you’re using them. SERMs selectively block some estrogen receptors and activate other tissue specifically. They act on the estrogen receptors and change their confirmation which can lead to activation of the AF2 domain. The AF2 and AF1 then can bind coactivators or repressors which are also tissue specific expressed and can lead to activation or deactivation of transcription. It’s a very complex process but the important thing is: SERMS don’t change estrogen, they just act on the estrogen receptors and not on all of them but also only on some.

So after taking nolva at 40/20/20/10/10/5,

Tapered down to 10mgs in weeks 4 and 5 and then to 5 for the final week, I only planned on running it for 6 weeks for reasons I’ll get into below.

Firstly, the positive effects were felt right away like after taking it for 3 or 4 days, and they stayed that way maybe halfway through week 4 taking 10mgs a day, but it was very apparent very quickly when starting to take 10mg , less energy, less libido , well being, even started having my insomnia and anxiety come back which was non existent on the higher doses.

The reason I stopped taking it were from reading about how nolva is toxic to the liver, can possibly increase fatty liver, can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer, can cause hair thinning. Also there are studies that claim it is neurotoxic and kills braincells , causes mental fog etc…

To be fair, all of those side effects occurred in breast cancer patients that took the drug for years as the normal treatment for breast cancer calls for 5 years of daily nolva. I also have reservations about the brain fog being from nolva, certainly cancer patients also undergo chemo and other treatments that could have caused those symptoms.

Anyway, I like Nolvadex and how it makes me feel but due to possible adverse side effects I don’t think it can be used for life as TRT.