Mental Awareness

wanted to know if i was the only one with this issue, but do u guys feel weird on the days you don’t workout?

let me define weird. since i’m working on ‘cutting’ now, its more like this extended awareness of my weaker muscles… i dunno how to explain it, but even during my rest day’s, i feel like i should be lifting something.

sometimes i actually ‘feel’ more bloated than usual (or is this the creatine working?) sometimes its just restlessness at wanting to push something…

I remember that i used to feel this way waaaay back when i started lifting, but having that feeling back is, well, awkward. thought i had matured enough for that to have passed already…

maybe its all in my head?

My feeling about what you are feeling is that it is natural to the progression in working out over time.

When I feel like you do, I immediately change my routine to a 4 or 6 day split so that I’m training almost everyday, and take advantage of the agressive feeling you are having. When it passes, and it will, return to the 3 day a week fullbody work.

My favorite routine when I feel like you do is chest, back, and shoulders Mondays and Thrusdays. Legs and Arms Tuesdays and Fridays, Abs calves and forearms all 4 days, HIIT on Wed and Sat. That’s just an example of any split you could choose!!

The point is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!

When it says GO, DO IT!!, BUT LISTEN, cause later it will tell you, SLOW DOWN, which you should listen to it then too!!

will do man, thanx for the help.