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MENT (Trestolone) Recomp


Hey all,

28 years old, on TRT for life due to primary hypogonadism. Short story- went through puberty but nuts were always small and working overtime. Since I went on TRT, I went from 6’1 180 and 22% BF to 205 and 18% BF. In that time, I developed interest in lifting and nutrition, but obviously I’m nowhere close to reaching my “natural” potential.

To the point- I recently came across MENT, which is currently available as a res chem. My understanding is that it’s similar to Tren with fewer sides, and similarly effective for recomping. My biggest fear though is that if I recomp to a lower body fat, that my body would just go back to my starting point within a few months.

On the other hand, a reason I think I might keep some results is MENT’s tendency to boost estrogen and IGF-1. In other words, I might build some new muscle fibers rather than continue to make modest increases in muscle size. Previously, when I tested my E2 and IGF-1, they were very low.

I appreciate any feedback!


Oral or injectable?

I’m currently on 500mg test-e EW, 100mg oral Primo ED, and 50 mg oral trest PWO only.

I find good results in trest as a PWO as it gives that added aggression for that one more rep. As far as size is concerned, I didn’t see much in my first “cycle”. I believe I was running my TRT base (125mg test-e & 25mg test-p EW) along with 75mg methyltestosterone and 75mg oral trestolone. I didn’t have the best results size wise but did retain all of my strength. I think this was primarily due to the extraordinary short half-life of the stuff.

If I could do it again, I’d run hdrol @ 100mg and 50mg trest PWO. I think the hardness and strength would be there and it’d be a much better oral cycle, if, the test base was still there. I wouldn’t ever consider doing oral trest alone again.

For what it’s worth, I’m in the same boat as you: I probably never reached my natural peak as my T levels were ~80. I’ve been on TRT for quite some time, and have never been this big or strong. I’m sure if my balls worked, the story would be different… but thank God for modern science.


The MENT I’d consider taking is injectable. From what I understand it’s 2-3X more potent than the oral version. As to the natural potential, I guess I’ll never really be natural since I’m on TRT by necessity. Still I feel I could put on more size with a replacement dose before hoping on more gear.

The main reason I wanted to try the MENT is to see if my E2 and IGF-1 get a boost and if so, whether I can build some new muscle fibers that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.