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MENT (Methylnortestosterone Acetate)


I was doing some good reading on this substance and besides being highly anabolic. It was going to be marked as "the pill" for men. In the clinical trials it showed better reduction in sperm count then 200mgs of test-ethan a week. Did this substance ever make it to market? What is its current status?


Simple answer: it is extremely toxic.


if you want to try it i get dibs on any Biotest supps you may have left, cause you are going to be on the flip side.


Oh! Never mind then. Just from the reading it looked like the perfect solution. Not so much anymore more.


I think you guys are thinking of metribolone. MENT is usually injected and has low liver toxicity. As far as I know it is still being researched as a male contraceptive, but never produced commercially. It sounds like an interesting steroid but is scarce and expensive. I have seen a couple of threads of people bying the powder and trying it though.


I was mistaken, thanks for the correction.

I remember reading about MENT a while back. I think it's called trestolone. It's virtually impossible to get a hold of, as even powder sources don't carry it. Scherring (I think) is developing it as injectable pellets, so black market products likely won't be available unless raw powder can be had.


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This is quoted from Anabolics 2006

MENT (methylnortestosterone)

Androgentic 650
Anabolic 2,300
Chemical names:
Estrogenetic Activity: Low
Progestational Activity: Moderate

It was in dev. for while with Scherig AG. They made a time release pellet. But it was nothing in the dosage range that would be good for gains. Oral was to expensive to produce.

But the author said if a lab could make an injectable of it. It would be a good alternative.

That got me thinking since its been a while since this book was published, if anyone had heard anything. Thats all.