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Ment Diaries aka Trestolone Acetate


Most haven’t done cycle of Ment Acetate yet, going to report progress, gains, and sides and products for those sides during this cycle. For anyone who is not experienced with taking Ment Ace.


OK well I’m on day 27 of Ment Acetate and have gained 11lbs so far. Ment aromatizes greatly so when taking or when purchasing at minimum I’d suggest having at least Arimidex on hand if not letrozole. I’ve been taking .75mg of Ment Ace and .5mg eod. Meaning day 1 .75mg, day 2 .5mg, day 3 .75mg, day 4 .5mg and so on. In addition, since day 9 due to water retention and bloods coming back with high estrogen and due to that low shbg. Been taking since that day, .5 Arimidex liquid from dropper everyday. Ends up being from this dropper 30 carefully measured drops. Within 3-4 days it took care of all issues. Next post coming now, will be on what I’ve Ment Ace has done or is doing to me positive and negatively.


Isnt that oral tren, is it highly liver toxic?


OK so the 11 lbs is nice for me being extreme ectomorph. Big strength gains quickly due to acetate ester all the results positive and negative came full force by day 8-10 . Ok, so big strength gains, the 11lbs, big time energy increase, increased aggression in gym and out but not uncontrollably outside of gym. Big positive mood enhancement all the time. Muscle fullness, increased pumps, huge increased sex drive, enhanced senses, enhanced energy. Negative, have been trouble sleeping past 5am or so since day 9. The estrogen sides that I already covered and that’s been it for negatives. Now,if you are someone who is predisposed genetically to experience estro sides including gyno which I’ve never had but others obviously have I’d definitely keep very close watch on that particular thing being that Ment aromatizes big time. Strength increase example. Bench up 20lbs already squats up 45lbs. Ok that’s it for now everyone.


Nope tren is tren a totally different and separate compound then Trestolone. They just sound the same. Also,no liver issue at all in its injectable acetate form.no more then testosterone injects.


this compound is becoming available of recently and not much info about it, how much are you running weekly? any sides as of late? how is your sleep?


Check out 1st and 2nd post I made above brother it answers all your questions.


Oh great thing about Ment has been the less then 1mg/cc a day thus I’ve been able to use insulin needle to inject in me due to small amount used per inject and my low bf%. Thus no pain at all ever pip since day 1… I inject pretty much anywhere I want muscular wise and plenty room or example to do right delt 2-4 days in a row. I use, right and left delt only so far and have not run out of room ever. If I do or did I’ll use and always have used glutes and quads. Other muscles like lats, triceps, biceps depending on your muscle size of course could also be used due to the small amount injected. Oh again depending on your muscle size traps could also be used. Another positive has been big increase in metabolism and appetite. It’s actually somewhat difficult in keeping up with eating enough on it yet also digestion has seemed to improve also. Food goes in and out the Pooper quickly and very easily on Ment… Definitely increased ease of digestion and rate.


Whew, another night with trouble sleeping from Ment but still the only major side effect other then the estro which has been nullified for a few weeks now. Been posting here in a couple different threads with this added 2 hrs of productivity. Told my whole darn life story almost in the nutrition thread. Have had yo charge phone once also due to this. Have the Samsung S7 but even that ran out once. So anyway in day 29 of Ment and still at around 12ish or so weight gain. Lbs in gym went up yesterday though so update on shoulder day. Standing front Military Barbell Press went up 35lbs since start of Ment. Also, seated side dumbell laterals went up 12.5 lbs on each dumbell in the last 30 days. In addition, with the extra 2 hrs of production for 30 days now I’m at the point where I’m able to arrive at work same time and either take a hour afternoon nap or just mess around on pc for an hour or so. I nearly always go for the 2pm nap. It’s awesome. Aggression is growing daily as is muscle fullness, muscle endurance, normal daily energy, mood enhanced, sex drive increasing more and more, appetite, increased metabolism, meaning I can eat pretty much another 1500 Cal’s or so and it’s all been going in the muscle/just making me bigger and better. I think that’s all I have to report. The protocol I’m using is still and alway been .75mg/cc/ml, .50, .75, .50 and so forth every day. In addition, .5 of liquid arimidex every day. So if using standard 5 ml/cc syringe like the one pictured here I fill it up with the Ment 75% of the way to that big #1 in it. Or for .50 days I fill it 50% of the way up to the big #1 on it. Then I take the plunger out of the 1cc insulin syringe and squirt it in there until it gets 75 or 50 depending in what day it is. Then I inject it in pretty much any muscle I want due to my 6-8% body fat. I, of course make sure to bury the needle due to it’s short length No PIP, “post injection pain, " ever!. I use the normal sized 23 guage 3 or 5cc syringe to draw it out of vial if course because t takes forever drawing with insulin needle<img src=”/uploads/default/original/3X/3/e/3e1779d7b502ec081b2fdaa2c10254840bbc1181.png" width=“294” height=“288”>


Another update. Still sleepless after 5am and before one am. Gained another 2 lbs now I’m up 14 since starting exactly 30 days ago now at. .75cc, .5cc, .75cc, .5cc a day like that. Of Ment aka Trestolone Acetate. Today was back day for me and pull ups have increased by 5 in 30 days, dead lifts up 50lbs now. The Rep and set scheme I use for deads, barbell rows and bent over dumbbell rows is 7-9 reps per set to failure for 3 sets per exercise .

Anyway, deads have increased by 50lbs for 7 reps or so in the last 30 days. With my pull ups went from 3 sets of eleven to failure to 3 sets of like 15 to failure now in last 30 days. Fellas as an aside knowing the Ment is dosed 100% correct is so reassuring since obviously not getting it from Doc and you can really tell big time with it being an acetate ester it hits you like a hammer after at most 3 days of taking it daily. Not a regular hammer either, I’m talking like getting hit with Thors Hammer. It’s awesome.

All the positive things I’ve previously mentioned about Ment are still just as prevalent right now. Went over those above. Oh more appetite increase also in last couple days. Getting kind of difficult keeping up with it Cal’s wise. At more then 6000 Cal’s a day now. OK I think that’s it for now. Oh now my weight is 5’11" 197lbs Heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. Probably up to 8 bf% now. Here’s a picture from this week. Little bloat / water retention in the face / cheeks as you can see but it’s the wanted healthy kind you’d want from a cyle with a compound like Ment.

Lmao, looking at myself now it looks like I think I’m some type of Jersey shore hyper Italian guy. I am 100% Guido but not at all into looking like some Jersey shore douche bag. I think I need to lay off the hair spray. Makes my hair have that super dark and wet look. OK rambling has begun. Wait here’s some update on effects. Still more and more almost by the day increased energy, mood, endurance, sex drive, muscle fullness, all day pumps, bigger pumps in gym, increasing aggression by the day, same trouble sleeping, same estrogenic side effects and still controllable with same protocol of the liquid arimidex I’ve been using told above in previous posts here.

Alright fellas please any non douche lol comments and or any questions let me know. I respond quickly. Since I have no life lol.


Have you done bloodwork since taking ment? How were your T levels?

Would you add test as a base? Or not needed

Any issues with prolactin?


I’ve looked into Trestolone recently. Seems like some pretty good stuff. Are you running anything along with it besides ADex? I am kinda wondering how well it would work along with some other stuff. The sleep shit sucks. I have the same problems with tren so I take a generic sleeping pill and it helps out alot. I might have to check into running it for a cycle. Thanks for the updates.

One thing… This isnt a Tinder profile. If you are posting pics for progress then do so… We dont need the right angles, filter, and lighting while posing. take straight on front and back pictures so changes can actually be seen. Nobody wants to see a side tricep or a bicep pose unless you are a competitor posing to check in for a coach. My coach has me check in straight on forwards and backwards. nothing cool or fancy


Seems like an overall good compound and can be ran by itself with test however you have to really watch your AI protocols with this compound. I will probably be using this in my next cycle.