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Menstruation a Good Excuse to Skip a Workout?


Directed to the ladies obviously, just wondering.


Nope, mutilate 'dem genitals and tell that woman to get to liftin'


It depends on the woman, but generally, yes.


Depends on the woman, but generally, hell no!

That being said, some women do suffer from very painful heavy flows. Thankfully, I'm not one of them.

If I eat 'bad' and don't exercise, my cramps are worse. So, if anything, I would say that working out is good while menstruating.


I would also add it depends on the type of training she is doing. For me personally, every movement I do depends on having a tight and strong back / lower back and so to do my workouts with a weakened lower back due to cramping means I am setting myself up for back rounding, sloppy lifts and then injury.

Combine that with the effect the womanly monthly hormones has on women's ligaments at that time it is risky and might not be worth it rather than take one light /rest /cardio day.


Cramps...."heavy flows"....general human empathy.....you ladies sure have a rough go of it!!


Well, is this an excuse to completley skip a workout? You can use lower weights or do some other movements. But you do have a point.

In my case, I feel 'bad' for only a few hours in the beginning. I have find that movement of any kind actually helps quite a bit.


Sure, just because you're using light weights doesn't mean you should let your form go to hell. I'd bet a lot of people get preventable serious injuries thinking that.

For some women, of depending on how much cramping, their lower back muscles and abdominal muscles are doing a lot of extra work just contracting. There is a lot of potential fatigue and for lifts that require a tight arch it's a risk.

But as far as excuses go, you're only accountable to yourself anyhow. If you're training is such that missing one workout sends everything to hell or has such an impact than maybe the programming needs to be looked at. But if you find excuses all the time to skip workouts then well I guess you're the one who loses.


Lots of downtime this weekend, I see.


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Samir was just wondering what everyone else does... since he just got his period today.



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Uh, yeah. Don't think this is cat fight worthy. Deb obviously knows her body and how she reacts.

I wasn't trying to be cross. So, the answer is that it depends on the woman. Go figure.




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I wouldn't call it an excuse but there are times when its actually painful; too painful to work out or even do cardio. You have migraines, cramps, your exhausted so its not an excuse.

I know for me at times, it makes me feel better and I can usually work through most days.