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Men's Razors - Electric or Blade?

I need some suggestions on what kind of razor (electric or otherwise) gives me most bang for its buck. I’m only 18 and shaving’s getting to be a little more of an important part of my daily hygenic preparations, if you know what I mean. I’d be awesome if everyone could just post what they use, the quality, if its electric - has it paid itself off?, and just basically why you like it. Right on. Thanks.

Blades, Gillette Sensor Excel, never owned an electric and prob never will.

I use the MACH 3. Because I have a goatee and side burns, so an electric won’t work for that. And because I only like to shave on Mon, Wed and Fri. Anymore than that makes my face raw. I prefer the day after I shave when it’s a bit rough and has a five o’ clock shadow.

I like the Mach3 by gilette. People say it is expensive and the blades are expensive, and i guess they are right, but when you consider how good of a shave it gives and the blades actually last pretty long before they need changing, it is not a bad deal. I had tried electric and it doesnt come close in my opinion, doesnt feel as good when Im done, looks about the same but I know it is not quite as smooth, i dont see how any electric could be better than the mach 3. I have tried other 3 blade razors and still like the mach 3 best.

I’d say do both. I use electric myself, but a blade gives a much closer shave, which is important on those “close” moments. So, my recommendation is to go electric most of the time, but keep the blades for date nights.

I use the Mach 3. The blades can be expensive, but I go over Costco where they’re cheaper. Tried electric a few years ago and found it didn’t leave a very smooth shave. I don’t know if the techonology has improved much.

A blade. I’ve had both the expensive norelco rotary thing and the remmington micro screen thing and i didn’t like them. They wouldn’t shave very close and if you tried i always would get razor burn or rash. Threw them both away and went back to a blade. With a blade, i can get close enough to go every other day though i have a pretty good 5 oclock shadow on the 2nd day.

Like Nate Dogg I also use the Mon, Wed, Fri routine, much easier on the skin. With a Mach 3 I can usually shave three times with the same razor before it gets too rough, so every Monday starts off with a new blade.

Mach 3 is the best bladed razor I’ve used. My father bought me the new self-cleaning Braun for Christmas, boy is that thing neat. It cuts very well and actually gets the hairs on my throat, which other electrics always miss.

Get yourself a twin razor blade or the new trips.And if you want to shave without so much irritation do it in the shower or just after when the beard is real soft. Try NOT to shave against the grain, it’ll kill your skin. Also, rinse your blade after every stroke in COLD water.

I use a Braun electric for touch-ups AND for getting even closer than a blade around the mouth.Which will keep you from scratching your woman and turning her all red.

Norelco Advantage: I’m reasonably satisifed with it. I’ve taken it to roughly 30 countries with me in the last 2 years. It’s been abused and battered like the self esteem of a pathetic little midget. It finally died on me a month ago. I called Norelco’s 1800 line and told them I didn’t have a recipt proving when I bought it but they didn’t give a shit. They sent me a free voucher to get it fixed at a local repair site. I went in and they GAVE ME A BRAND NEW ONE. It was even a newer model then my old one. Funny thing is that I had never changed my blades in -2- years and the thing still cut like it was out of the box. When I -did- replace the blades: Hooooly shit was I in heaven. Norelco rocks, I will buy their products for the rest of my life. I did own a remington shaver a few years back and it was a total piece of shit. Screw raxors, I shave in less then 2 minutes. Chest in less then 4. Dick and balls: 8 (only when I’m really overgrown, plus I’m extra careful down there the last thing I want is a knick.)

The Gilette Sensor Excell is the Rolls Royce of blades. The Mach 3 is like new coke, why try and improve on perfection. I tried the Mach 3 and its way too wide, making it hard to shave areas on the neck and upper lip.

As far as “bang for your buck”, I prefer an old Gillette original model safety razor (it has a removable handle and takes double edged blade). You only have to buy the razor itself once, and the blades are very cheap. I’ve tried a lot of the new multi blade, lubricating strip models that come with built in radios and stuff, and honestly nothing beats my old reliable safety razor. Chicks dig it too.

Just when I thought this thread was dead, you guys jump back in and give me a thousand more things to consider: you all fucking rock. Thanks for the replies - I’ll try 'em all out.

ive got the old original gilette, same as my dad and bro, however ive also got the mach3. i cant remember what a new blade feels like with teh original (too povo to buy some) but teh mach3 is pretty nice.

Gillette Mach3 by far are the best razor blades available! They are a little expensive but worth the price! Don’t settle for the cheap imitations!