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Mens Physique Division


What is happening to the NPC that they introduced a mens physique division...? It seems to be a division for people who want to be bodybuilders but do not want to put in the work. It should be called Mens mediocre division


They're probably bigger than you.


if I'm not mistaken, the people competing in that division are still pretty damn muscular. more muscular than 90% of this site.



and 90% of TNation isn't as muscular as them. what's that saying


these guys didn't put in hard work? This is a respectable amount of muscle right here (plus, they are dieted down). If one of them posted here, someone would make a "How does so-and-so train?" thread.


you're 5'9" 230lbs at 7%BF? Lets see it


I actually weighed 208lbs this morning because I have been dieting for a BBing show for the past 10 weeks w/ 6 more to go, I don't have any pictures because I am work right now


hmmmm... the math isnt quite adding up but I'll refrain from saying more till you get home from work and can post a picture.


Here's the deal...

Anyone who possesses 200-215 lbs of LEAN BODY MASS is WAY bigger than 99% of the population and just about as much as anyone posting on this site, or any other "bodybuilding site" for that matter.

These physique models are carrying a very respectable amount of lean weight and are impressive. Getting to that level of conditioning anywhere north of 175-180 lbs requires a lot of work. Yes, almost all of them are "naturally lean and muscular", but not to the point of the what their physiques are showing in these contests, that requires a lot of dedication.

On a personal note...I've dieted down to about 205 lbs of lean body mass at one point (212 bodyweight)....was just under 3% body fat, and I looked huge next to an average guy, and even those who consider themselves "hardcore" bodybuilders. I was (and still am compared to some) tiny, compared to a seasoned vet of bodybuilding in the larger weight classes, but in regards to this site.....top 1%, even at that weight.

Fact is, these sites are platforms for opinions, more than anything. Most people's opinions don't mean shit, and are full of contempt and jealousy. That's why it seems everyone has something negative to say about someone else's physique...they're not happy with their own, so they tear others down to make themselves feel better, or justify their own lack of progress.

However, bodybuilding/physique training is a highly emotional and visually based arena. It's based purely on critique and judgement. Part of the reason it's so great, and sadly, a large part of the reason, it's so cynical.

The intelligent ones immersing themselves in this lifestyle, possess, both the common sense and maturity to know the difference. Not surprisingly, these are the guys who hang around for the long haul, while the others fall to the wayside.


How did you calculate that percentage?


Boom shakka lakka


Yes they look good from the waist up.....but why the capri-shorts? Legs are half of the physique.


it's probably in the rules somewhere... and I'd be willing to bet that most, if not all, of them have some respectable legs, as well.


^^ IIRC, the whole bit on wearing the capri shorts was to work against the "lol ghey bodybuilder oiled up in thongs posing in front of other men" thing.



@OP: It's a way to make money. Nothing wrong with that.


I'm inclined to think it's all about the revenue. The more possible categories, the more entrants. Sure most guys won't be too into this, feeling less threatened in rooting for a giant beast like Cutler than someone who'd be on the cover of a fitness mag, but I'm sure the women will dig it just like the guys like the figure girls.



They're called "board shorts"... Do you guys even know what capri's are?


Lmao I was gonna say the same thing..


Sorry about that lol. I was just going straight off what the other guy said..


are these guys seriously 230lbs? FML I haven't even filled out to the 94kg division and I want to move up to the 105kg division already...