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Men's Open in Denver. Who's Coming?


I'm hoping to go, just to watch (and maybe yell a little!) I'm certain some local T-Nation folks will be there, anyone else coming to compete?
With all the talent around this place, we must have some guys coming to give it their all...Just wondering.
Good luck all, and happy training.


I'll be there.


I might show up if i got the time


Wait...you're a dude? Whose legs are those in your avatar then?


They're yours!


I love you


Get me a powerlifter shirt like the one in your avatar (in a smaller size please) and I will love you too :smiley:


I have only 2 Medium sizes left. PM your address and a pic of you in lycra.


Miss P, is your husband, or anyone from your gym, signed up? I'd like to throw some support to a Colorado lifter for sure.


I'm sure that my coach and his boys will be there - they're the Virtus Gym crew.


When and where is this shin dig at?


I might be there, I was going to compete but this bulk is killing my placings. If I could still cut to 181 I would def compete, however I'm sitting at 210 right now and there is no slowing down, haha.


Check out rmlccolorado.com, it's June 12-14...I was going to enter, but when I checked my totals, I'd have to lose 55 lbs. or compete as a 13 year old....so, I um, I'm just real busy right now so,...


Yeah and one time I got the swine flu and I think I'm going to get it again June 12th


i'm going! WORD!

any clue when the best days to go are?


I haven't checked into the whole schedule. And I have no idea how these things usually work (having never been). Friday Juniors, sat is teens, sunday mens ect??? I hope to visit the gym before then and have it all figured out. The place looks pretty cool that's for sure.
EDIT: Because of my hard-core training, I'm now able to enter in the 15-17 year old division! Not bad for a 41 year old...


Friday: 114-165
Saturday: 181-220
Sunday: 242 and up

The roster is posted on http://www.usaplnationals.com/2009mens/index.shtml


thanks! i'll try and make it eihter friday or sunday


I am going to be in Golden for a summer Internship. I most likely will go see the heavies on Sunday.


Hey biggjames,

If you are in need of a place to train this summer let me know. We are just outside of Golden and have pretty much everything you could want. Armbrust Pro Gym off of I-70 and Kipling. Even cooler news, talked to the owner yesterday and they are ordering a full monolift/rack/platform from elite! PM me if you have any questions.