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Men's Multivitamin

After researching some info on this topic using the search feature, I couldn’t really find a consensus. I saw everything from Rugrats Flintstones to Super Nutrition to Member’s Mark to Centrum to OneSource.

Are there any brands to steer clear of? Are the one-a-day brands good (One-a-Day, OneSource, Centrum Performance)? Are the store brands good, like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe? Or should I look towards the pricier multi’s, like Super Nutrition? I usually use 1-2 MRP’s daily if that merits anything.


personal fav is 32x from AST-one of very few that i feel that i get any results out of

I would avoid any vitamin that has synthetic ingredients, which is probably most, if not all, of the big multis out there.

I know Dr. Eric Serrano recommended Standard Process’s Catalyn, which I use. I actually take about 3-4 times the normal dosage, so it’s not exactly cheap. But I think the fact that it’s real natural vitamins helps tremendously. I also use their Allorganic Trace Minerals to get minerals, too. Again, it’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for in this situation.

Hope this helps,

I’ve grown partial to the multi-packs that you get at CVS or Walgreens. That way I can take certain things separate if I need to. For example, my morning meal includes milk so I leave the multi-mineral for later so the calcium doesn’t affect absorbtion, but I take all of the other vitamins at that time. I like the multi-packs more for their flexibility than anything else. They usually run between $12-15 for a months supply which includes high levels of anti-oxidants that many of the single one-a-days don’t have.