Men's Libido Is Tied To Aromatase In The Brain

@equel and all anti-estrogen, pro-AI guys:

Not a long article. Read it word for word. Read it twice. Click on the link to view the study that just came out two weeks ago, and I didn’t write the study!

If you want libido, you do NOT want to block aromatase.

The related study:

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Nice. When im full on blast with zero libido what so ever, I take AI - reducing my estrogen, blocking my aromatase, libido returns.

All I need to know.

Is it possible that it’s the fluctuation in the e2 that gives you that libido boost?
Meaning while it’s on the way up it will also give you libido

Full on blast you mean you blasting? So in that case I don’t think this applies to you

Its common knowledge in the body building community that too high estrogen kills ur penis, known it for ages, it is just how things work when it gets too high with many people, including myself.

But you’re on a full blast dude. All bets are off when you do that. How can you possibly compare the two?

It is the action of aromatase in the brain itself that is a driver for libido. That’s what the study demonstrated.

Why is my dick like a titanium rod with E2 over 60? Why did I have ED when it was under 20?

Also… You are an outlier. We all know this. I cannot stress this enough. What works for you might work for 1% of men. It won’t work for the other 99%. Especially taking 10mg a day of testosterone. You can’t use yourself as an example to make a point applying to all men. And you still need to call me on messenger.

Not 99%, no.

In the body building community, this is too common. And yes, im talking about blasts there. If we gon talk anecdotes, I do workout, frequently, with many men, whos libido go completely dead on 250mg of test, and they NEED AI to get their dick working agian.

And yes, as we already know, same with me.

I have no idea. Most likely your body do tolerate high estrogen, whereas others do not.

Ye same when in 200mg of test, even 150mg of test. My libido is gone, on such dosages. Add AI, it comes back, albeit still very random, ofcourse.

I just do not tolerate alot of estrogen, my brain goes slow, my dick stops working, my libido goes to sleep, i get foggy, water retention, bloated, weird, slow mind, shit mood.

Well… I can show you a few thousand examples of men who’s libido improved drastically after getting off the AI. Otherwise I sure as hell wouldn’t be telling people to do it because that would be dumb. Keep doing what works for you in that case.

By the way, I once did an experiment with 500 mg of testosterone and it totally tanked my libido. I didn’t blame it on the estradiol. I blamed it on the fact that my body did not like that level of androgens. Lowered my dose and libido came raging back like it is right now.

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Okay, all good, I know many who do not tolerate high estrogen, what so ever.

It was due to the androgens and estrogens, most likely. Estrogen is not the holy grail - as with any other hormone, u can have too much of it, putting things off balance.

Thing is, it usually is not the case on TRT. At least not with the sheer number of men I’ve worked with. Of it was, then I’d say it. It just isn’t. Don’t know what more to tell you. I posted this study as it supports what I’ve been saying all along.

Probably not USUALLY, actually im quite sure its not. Most likely - most of the times - u do not need AI, at all.

Some men do.

I do, well, if i dont wanna run 10mg of test E a day, but taht seems to work OK so far, its good in the libido department atleast.

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and im the first to admit ive over-used AI a shit ton, thinking I needed more and more and more, making my legs hurt, not being able to bench press cause my fucking wrist hurt so much cause of supressing estrogen, that was my first 6 months on steroids.

I just cannot agree with the worship of estrogen, im still very suspicious, i do not believe every man need to up his fucking estrogen and its all good and great all the time, its not for me, at all. I get brain fog, cant have sex, cant function, slow mind, annoyed, anxious, irritated, all fucking crap.

Reduce my estrogen with AI and im all good again.

So, I have not read the actual study, but I read the linked article. I think it’s reaching pretty hard, as is typical for magazine articles, but let’s have some fun with it. If, indeed, it is the ACTION of aromatase that is the driver for libido, that does not specifically implicate E2 as being the driver. E2 may, in actuality, be a byproduct that has negative consequences above a certain level. The CYP2D6 protein comes into play as well, and only God knows how many sub-categories and variations exist of these proteins at the moment - they seem to find a new one every day. So what if, and I am throwing out pure postulation here, what if it is actually generation of catecholamines down chain that are causing the libido spike, so over inhibition of aromatase is in this way also a libido killer because it is limiting the root action for the generation of these things? Also, just an extra note, they are currently re-thinking catecholmines and what they are. It is currently looking like we are completely incorrect to call them neuro-transmitters and that they in fact have a differnt universal role that we do ont understand at all yet.


The study for those who didn’t see it.