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Men's Journal Steroid Article


Short synopsis:

  1. Skinny guy (6'1" 150lb) goes to college, hooks up with the big guy in his dorm who teaches him how to lift and eat to get bigger. A couple months go by, no size progress. Runs into another big guy, who deals in juice. Skinny guy starts juicing, jumps to 180 pounds "of cold-rolled steel" by end of school year. Scores tons of chicks, based solely on size. His own dad doesn't recognize him.

Goes home for summer, meets more big guys, one adjusts his diet and juice dosages so he gets even bigger and shredded, so he can recruit him as a male stripper. Starts doing coke so he can perform(as a stripper), ludes to go to sleep afterward, and then bennies to wake up. Starts having serious health issues, which, of course, must have been caused by the roids. His asthma, which had gone away, comes back with a vengeance, he has anxiety issues, followed by a cardiac arrythmia and recurring full-blown panic attacks. All from the juice, of course. Moral: steroids will ruin your life and health, look at all the bad stuff Arnold caused by becoming a megastar in the 80's.
/End story

Have to agree. Steroids are deadly, I'm surprised he didn't die from his first injection. He's lucky they didn't give him brain cancer either. Loved the research too, I learned some new terms (clucocorticoids? Maybe Prof X can enlighten me on that one, isn't he a Dr.?)


Steroids cause men to become strippers. Trust me.


This guy sounds hyoooge!



It's pretty clear his only problem was his steroid use. This guy was headed places otherwise.


What does any of this have to do with sluts?


Most homeless people and drifters are former steroid addicts.


ITT: juiceheads trying to rationalize their habit...jus' sayin'.


The sluts like the strippers.


Oh my God. I can't believe I didn't see the connection the first time. Thanks for showing me the way Debra :slight_smile:


Nice avi Debra. Smokin. You must squat.

Oh yeah juice will get me laid. Gotta go do some of that.

Greg Valentino FTW


Steroid users are the new black people and immigrants.

Juicers are obviously the cause of all unexplained violence, Aids, other disease transmission, health defects, societal woes, and a threat to stability. Oh and males domineering females.

(To anyone who thinks my reference to blacks and immigrants is racist or xenophobic. My comparison is that people irrationally blame certain groups with unrelated problems.)


That reminds me of the time I went to a source and he gave me some bottles of Tren and a thong. Then he gave me a sly wink and patted me on the arse. I thought that was just good service.


let me correct the beginning


Ludes help you come down off coke.



DebraD's ass is clearly juicimg.


Those people should see bigger stronger faster


You bet! :wink: Last night it almost got me into a fight.


corrected that for you


See the problem was that he just wanted to get too big. If he had stuck with the 180lb he would have been fine. But anything above that is just crazy


I'm with you guys. Fap fap fap fap.