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Men's Health Article


From the article, and I quote:

"What's more, you'll strengthen the weakest parts of your lifts, SO WHEN YOU RETURN TO YOUR STANDARD EXERCISES, you'll see a big improvement."

That means you're going to temporarily do the exercises outlined in this article in order to...I dunno, be completely balls out awesome at the Smith machine?

So your 3 temporary exercises to get you REALLY GOOD at your machine lifting are:


Yeah buddy! LIGHT WEIGHT!



What the hell is going on over there? Didn't Coach Staley write for Mens Health?


Dan John
Nate Green
Jim Wendler

Have all written for mens health and/or mens fitness


they write for them, they don't choose all the content


I've actually found the material in Men's health to be fairly decent.

A cut above that Muscle and Fiction shit.


MH has caught teh ghey.


What the hell would be "your standard exercises" if not those 3?


If it wasn't for Men's Health, I would have never found T-Nation, so I am partial to MH.


on the bottom it says "provided by runner's world"... that could account for it.


Men's Fitness is a notch above MH. But its starting to like Muscle & Fitness.


Men's Health isn't for the "hardcore" lifter. It caters to a different audience. If you don't like it, don't read it. T-Nation wrote an "article" about Men's Health listing Metabolic Drive as the only protein supplement in their "125 Best Foods For Men" piece.


Yes. So either their editorial staff has ADD, or they are just changing shit up just to make it sound different, and end up with something as ridiculous as this.


Wow some of you fellas are kinda slow on the uptake! Congrats to those who saw the humor and larfed at it.

Yes, bench squat and deadlift are your main 3...that's why using them temporarily to get good at "real exercises" is HILARIOUS. Did you not read the article? It's lulz.

I seriously do not care at all who wrote for Men's Health. Just because a bunch of awesome guys wrote articles for them doesn't mean that THIS ARTICLE isn't lol-worthy. Because it is. Did you read it?

I'm pretty sure none of those authors would recommend using bench, squat, and deadlift in short 15 minute workouts on a temporary basis. I think most of them would say "do that shit all the time, YOU PUSSY". If you read the article...

Also, the guy doing deadlifts is using an overhand grip, not in a snatch grip. From what I understand, that's not the best idea ever. Squatting from a rack...ok I've read at least 10 times on this very site that your knee is weakest at 90 degrees, and that's the very position where you're starting this lift from a dead stop...probably also not the best idea ever.

Seriously, if you're gonna try to rag on me, at least read the load of shit article that I'm pointing and laughing at.


Oh and we'll highlight this one more time:

"What's more, you'll strengthen the weakest parts of your lifts, SO WHEN YOU RETURN TO YOUR STANDARD EXERCISES, you'll see a big improvement."

That is to say, the author of this article is implying that WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED with your bench, squat, and deadlift, you can return to your NORMAL EXERCISES, which would obviously no longer include bench, squat, or deadlift, as continuing those lifts would not be "returning to your standard exercises" as quoted in the article.

Do you see the stupid yet?

Also, where is everyone getting this shit that I hate Men's Health or whatever? Cause I never said I did, and I don't. I thought people around here would laugh that someone actually thinks doing deadlifts for 2 weeks so you get really good at leg curls is like...the new hotness. I guess they'd rather get pissy because I made fun of an article in a magazine that comes to their door?


Same here. I had a subscription til I found Testosterone.net in summer of 2000. Haven't looked back since.


The article is highlighting working from your weak points. Returning to your standard workout simply means doing the lift normally, like starting the bench from lockout.

Nowhere did the article mention leg curls or the smith machine.

1) Deadlift from the floor. This is a weak point of mine and many others. This would be in contrast to rack pulls if your weak point is lockout. It probably should be starting from a deficit, like standing on plates.

2) Benching from pins at the chest. Again this is if your weak point is off the chest as opposed to at lockout.

3) Squat from the bottom position. This is to improve your strength out of the hole. If your knee angle is 90 degree's at the bottom your quarter squatting. There was an article on here not too long ago about starting out of the hole to improve your squat.

I'm not bagging on you for your post, it doesn't matter to me whether you read it or not. I just think you misread the article.


The "Standard exercises" they are referring to are:

Squat Rack Curls
Dumbbell wrist twists
full arm tricep pushdowns


Mens Health just recycle the smae ole stuff monthly. I've yet to see a copy without some reference to "Rock Hard Abs/Killer Abs/Abs From Hell/WTF, ABS".

I had a subscription. I then found Muscular Development and IronMan. I tend not to buy IronMan anymore. MD fills my quota of reading for the month outside of T-Nation.


I remember a Wendler bench article he wrote for them. Their posters on line shit a chicken because of the form he instructed to use. "Good way to fuck your back up"


I saw that also, funny shit.

One guy says "I'm a personal trainer, and you don't ever arch your back when benching". Then proceeds to tell you to put your feet in the air to "isolate the pecs".

I still like MF/MH though. I am doing a modified strongman workout by Jimmy Smith that I got from MF. No isolation curls or tricep kickbacks, just deads, front squats, GM's, suitcase deadlifts and a bunch of other heavy shit.

Anyone that got squat rack curls out of this article better work on their reading comprehension.