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Mens Fashion


I have to admit that my fashion sense sucks and I need some new ideas. So where does everyone shop for clothes?


For me, Banana Republic takes all the guess work out of knowing what to wear to look good. Just pick out a couple of items from each category, put them together, and you're set! I know that their clothing line may sway towards the metrosexual side in you, but the compliments speak for themselves- literally! Give'em a try; and if it doesn't work out, I'll buy them from you if you wear a Large! God Bless.


Im in the same boat. And Im getting back into the whole dating thing after a long (approx 13 year) break.
I went to Old Navy and bought some clothes earlier this month. I cant match anything, but I can ask a cute girl to help me out. Its worked great so far.


I shop at a lot of places, and have a variety of tastes. However, I think my most 'fashionable' clothes, the ones I put on when dressing up or going out, come from Express Men. Yeah, they have a lot of
'metro' things, but if you look past the pink and the paisleys, they have a lot of nice clothes. You can't go wrong with a nice button down shirt and dress slacks.
As an alternative, and a more urban look,
dickies pants rule. You put a crease in them, and they still look nice, they are pretty rugged, and they go well with most things.
I try to stay away from current fashions. You'll see a lot of metrosexual things, i.e. mens shirts with lots of pink, floral patterns, french cut sleeves, etc, a more feminine look. The other trend is the beach bum look, threadbare $80 jeans with the premade holes and fades, $40 t-shirts with some silly slogan, made to look like a vintage ad and usually suggest something sexual.
When in doubt, I'd say go for a clean cut look. Casual, not to square, but not so relaxed your wardrobe makes you look like you are on spring break 300 days a year.
Then again, what do I know? I am 27 and married, and current fashions and trends I don't keep up with.


Express Men is gay. No, really. Seriously.


Come on prof, how you gonna do me like that? That hurts, doc, it really does (and it is pretty funny as well). I'll be the first to tell that a lot of the line is gay. A lot. But I feel the avid need to put up a defense here. I tend to dress on the conservitive side and stay away from feminine styles. But really, they have some sharp styles as well.

Granted, you have to look through the racks, and endure the salesmen telling you everything would look fabulous on you, but I've gotten plenty of good dress shirts (solid prints, no frills), some decent jeans and pants, and even a sport coat and ties there.


Nordstrom's is great for "casual-yet-dressy" styles. I have been getting into the silk short-sleeve-button-down thing lately, and they have an incredible selection of those. Brooks Brothers might also be worth a try; I have gotten some really nice dress shirts there. I buy my suits at Surrey's, but I think they are only in South Florida. Shoes, of all types, come from DSW (greatest deals on the planet). Old Navy and the Gap rule for the jeans and t-shirt thing.


My wife does all the clothes shopping. I have ZERO fashion sense.


So I take it my overalls are out of style, Damn, no wonder my wife always wants me to wear them!



Express used to be cool when it was called Structure. It was still alright shortly after the name change.

Anyway, Banana Republic. Expensive, but hit the sales :slight_smile:


American Eagle has been my favorite place for the last year. I can always find T-shirts and jeans for great prices...and they fit!

Otherwise, I occasionally hit up JCPenney's and Macy's. I also like to go to Goody's for work-related clothes.

But my girlfriend is buying me some new shirts since all I wear are T-shirts. She said I need something beyond black T-shirts and jeans. So she's going to buy me some short- and long-sleaved "going out" shirts. Something that will make me even more pimptastic than I already am.


Fashion? What's tha...oh, got it...yeah- I go to Sports Authority.


I'd agree here. I'm a jeans and tshirts kinda guy, but my GF has bought me a ton of stuff from here and has me looking good. (as good as I get anyway.) Its quality stuff. Some of it is a little metrosexual and I have nixed it and made her take it back, but I have some great stuff as well. Note: I find the jeans to be a bit tight in the legs, so my big legged brethern be wary.


We may disagree on many things Prof, but this is definitely not one of them.

If you have to look past paisley anything and its not on the hips or torso of a woman working there, turn around and walk out the door.


hey, I buy my husband a lot of stuff at Ross and TJMax. Sometimes you have to dig but I really save the bucks by shopping that way, and then there is more left over for me (lol). Also, the Gap is pretty basic but easy.-Jules


You're a bodybuilder aren't you? All you need are clown pants, a string top and a doo-rag. Anything by T. Michael should do. http://www.bestforminc.com/t-Michael.cfm

Unless you really want to take the gay factor up a couple notches, in which case I recommend International Male.

Seriously though, I suggest going to a decent store and asking for help. That's what they're there for. Don't be shy, tell them what you want to achieve ,eg, a casual wardrobe--just be sure the person has a lick of sense (going with the hot girl isn't always the best choice). Once you get familiar with the process you can start doing your own thing. You don't have to spend a fortune. I've gotten some nice stuff out of Men's Wearhouse. Pick up a few blazers, a few sweaters, shirts, some decent shoes, a few slacks and jeans, and you've got a great wardrobe coming together.


Great contribution to the thread. Way to go. You'll crack that 6000 post mark yet prof.


What the? Did I stumble into a metro-sexual website or what! Dam, get me out of here before you start talking about how your boobs hurt during your period! Definitely a low-T thread!


And you...well, you'll still be an ass whose only contribution is making posts telling me what type of contribution I make. Thanks for sharing though. Really.


American Eagle can be a little pricey, but it lasts a long time, fits well, and (hardest to find these days) most of it isn't very metro.