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Mens 100m Final.


Did anyone watch this yesterday? Did anyone notice how 'slow' the race was? I was thinking about the number of runners that have gone under 10 seconds this season. Maurice Green looked like a wreck, is his injury for real? He was breaking records a few years ago. Have they stopped taking steriods? The winning time was only 10.07seconds.

Another point, I saw a runner in the 100m, which warming up before the race, drink something from a small glass vial, about 10ml. Any idea what that was? It looked like he had a white tablet in his mouth, or it was chewing gum, not too sure about that one.

And one last thing, hell those guys are fast. You don't appreciate how quick they run with the usual angle. The camera was next to the blocks while Darrel Brown was practicing his starts. No movement, then BOOM. He's away. Shit hot, I love that event.

And thanks to Drummond it looks like the GB boys are taking the 4x100m relay :wink:


I read about it in the newspaper today.

Apparently the winner, Kim Collins, from some bullshit country with less than 40,000 people in the Caribbean said that he originally started running to pick up girls and never lifts weights.

Now that is what I call genetics!

Btw, Drummond is a dipshit. Hes got millions upon millions of people watching him and he decides to throw a fucking temper tantrum.


No our guys usually find some way to drop the baton!
What I think happened was that the occasion got to some of the favourites.
Chambers was too uptight,not relaxed enough,Lewis-Francis had no self belief.

In contrast Kim Collins was so relaxed throughout the competiton,and he has perfect technique.
The guys who placed second and third,one was an eighteen year old,and the other was Campbell who back in the UK no one expected him to even make the final.So they were both running without the pressure of expectation.

I get to see Lewis-Francis train at my local club,and you are so right,the speed of these guys has to be seen to be believed.