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Meniscus Tear

I have had two ACL reconstructions and two meniscus repairs in my right knee. I recently found out my meniscus is torn again, dammit!!! What excercises do you think are still safe to do? Deads? Squats? I have been avoiding them for about 4 months now cause I was contemplating surgery again, but I have decided to wait. My legs are still strong, but I would like to add some mass and strength to them. It seems as though I have more pain in my knee by avoiding working my legs. I just dont want to screw my knee up anymore by squating etc. Anybody have any experience with this kind of injury/rehab? Thanks in advance.

Paul, I’m in the same boat, 2 ACL reconstructions in the same knee(now have a cadaver graft ACL since '00) and about 30% of my medial meniscus removed in that knee…

I’m the same way, I feel that if I don’t keep my leg training up I start to lose the mobility and confidence in that knee.

I just stick w/deads, i’ve been going more with sumos though lately and they’ve been a big help…Of course squatting too, i won’t go too heavy on them but there’s nothing wrong with 20 rep squats…also, I got a hip squat belt which has been a great training tool.

How do you perform sumos? Is there a picture of it on this website?

Once meniscus is torn its torn. The tear will flip in and out of the joint and become painful. The tear will most likely remain the same size unless another event of injury occurs no matter what exercises or activities you participate in.

Many people live their whole lives with a tear without limitations. Others have pain while running, participating in athletics etc…

You should be safe to perform any exercise that does not cause you pain. Squats, lunges etc… Sometimes however the tear is in a weight-bearing portion of the cartilage causing significant discomfort.