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Meniscus Surgery(s)


Freaking a. I just found out i'm probably going to have to have surgery over the summer (again) for a torn meniscus. this is lame-o


Thats rough, come back stronger then before, don't doubt you will.


Are they repairing or removing the meniscus? I had surgery in October. They planned to repair if possible but the thing looked like shredded wheat. Apparently I had done quite a number on it. They ended up removing about 50% of the meniscus. I was told at my age (43) that it was not likely that a repair would be properly vascularized and therefore not likely to heal well, anyway.

I also had my ACL replaced with a cadaver graft at the same time.

My knee is now almost 100%. I know that eventually the lost meniscus will cause problems, but for now, it is all good.


if it aint bothering you, I wouldn't get surgery.


Had most of mine taken out years ago after a bucket-handle tear on it. Fairly easy one to come back from but I feel it when it rains. I had massive atrophy and the muscle came back in a month.


Ever looked into a meniscus allograft?

You don't wanna get osteoarthritis man, trust me on this shit.


They are gonna just go in and repair it all. Thats solid though about your knee, I enjoy hearing stories about stuff like that coming into my surgery


It bothers the crap outta me. I got it scoped out last summer, to clean up the beginnings of what is the tear i have now but lo and behold it still tore. It hurts pretty good