I just had a lateral meniscectomy and my medial meniscus trimmed and repair as well as an ACL reconstruction. Anyone ever live throught it? im looking for moral support i guess more than anything else really since this certainly makes my rugby career prospects very grim

Neither meniscus problems should be fatal to a career. But i cannot speak on behalf of ACL reconstruction.

Apparently I have poorly designed knees which makes me more prone to fucking them up (which explains why both my knees have had cartilage issues in the past, only one of which requiring a scope).

But meniscus issues heal relatively quickly and aren’t going to hold you back too terribly much, if any. I can still full squat easily with no real pain anymore, so those issues shouldn’t hold you back.

I’d be MUCH more worried about your ACL.

The ACLR will set you back the longest in terms of timelines of recovery. Just be patient and don’t rush through it all. Make sure to follow your therapist’s instructions well and look through the forum for other ACL threads for advise.

The biggest problem is long term though, the damage that will be done due to the lack thereof.
The biggest issue I guess was going in with a full recovery looming on the otherside to waking up to a lot grimmer outcome. But i will def not halfass the rehab