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Mendy Hits 915, Goes for 1008



Scot Mendelson broke Ryan Kennelly's previous 308 record of 902.5 by hitting a big 915 last weekend. He then went for 1008 two times. Just missing them both times. This dude is clearly the strongest bench presser in the world, but not the best yet...Anyone who knows a thing or two about shirt benching form can chime in, these are some ugly lookin benches. He just muscled the thing up! If he ever gets dialed in with that open back shirt groove it will just be scary.


just flies off his chest!


Was the second and third attempt 1008?

915 went up great. That was some good camera work too. Right up where the action was.


2nd and 3rd were both 1008. There is some controversy about the 915 because he didnt hold it motionless at the top for a rack command. Definitely not due to a lack of strength though.


Mendy is a freak. One of the best benchers we will ever see. I don't want to start shit, but I heard he was not 308. It is kind of convenient to make weight at your own meet. He is still the shit and I hope he destroys Rychlack's record. TT do you have any predictions for BA3?



I don't post here a whole lot so forgive my possible ignorance, but the video I just watched he missed his second 2 attempts. How much was that? Btw it's still more weight then I can do ANYTHING with..except maybe leg press lol.


He is a freak. He benched 715 Raw.


As for the weight issue I heard that he was 302 or so. He definitely was a little under the weight he was leading up to the meet. The first shirt he had on was a Karin's denim and you can tell by looking at it that it was loose. Then he switched to the tight inzer and his groove looked really nasty in it. From what I hear he will get the Karin's tightened up and his 1008 attempts will be done in it. Probably a good idea. Joe, I'm not sure what is the BA3 lineup? It will be a real good show seein Scot and Tiny if he does it.


The second and third attempts were both for 1008 pounds. An all time new world record attempt.


Go Mendy!!!!


he seems to be a little unsteady at lockout. even on the first attempt.


yeah, the second two attempts were but ugly and the first one wasn't exactly pretty either. Insanely strong guy though. No doubt about it.


Unbelievable. He has proven himself in both arenas, shirted and unshirted.