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Mendelson 1102 Bench Attempts


I haven't seen this posted here yet. 2 solid attempts at a 1102 pound bench press:

It's amazing just seeing someone get under a bar with that much weight on it. He rests it on his stomach for a brief second while his spotters get control of it... That would have cut me in half.


I don't get why people are so enamored with this. I don't care what I could take 1300 in the squat and miss. HE MISSED. A bad miss and then a dump. Not impressive.



I could miss 1300 in the squat faster than you could. :slight_smile:

I agree. The first was a good effort, but what was he thinking going for a second attempt at it?


It's Scot Mendelson were talking about here, lol.


I don't think I could even miss 1300. I don't know that I could unrack it. To me, 1100 pounds on the bar and not snapping a bone is a win.


With a running start, I'm pretty sure I could knock it off the racks... likely be the last thing I ever did, but I could get it.


What about those attempts was "solid"?


Was it just me, or were ya'll "scared" watching him lower that weight? I understand chasing records and all that shit, but there has to reach a point where reality sets in and you say to yourself "This is fucking stupid". Watching his arms tremble like that made me concerned for the dude.


How one solid (the bar) came very close to going right thru another solid (Mendy)

Yes, I know he's one of the best (when he can hit attempts) out there, but when you can count his successful attempts in any given span of time on one hand, while holding something in said hand, it doesn't help his reputation


I expected the shirt to blow.
Anyone know what kind he used??


Think it's one of the new Overkill shirts!


Mendelson is going to kill himself on the bench. I can't imagine what 1100 lbs feels like coming down on my gut. I hope he seriously rethinks those second attempts.


He is a strong dude, but his pride is gonna get himself or one of the spotters injured taking attempts like that.


I don't have the balls to get a shirt like that and attempt any insane weight like that.

I'm glad he at least tried it. Keep pushing for more weight.

They're going to have to spot with cranes soon.


Eh- better luck next time.


The 25 man recovery attempt after the dump looked solid. Pretty sweet camera angle there too. Here are my thoughts on the Mendlebomber: I understand when you get to that point, its all about the WR. I can appreciate that. What I don't get is the gross infatuation with his ATTEMPTS. He swings and misses all the time. Call me crazy, but I don't think that 2 bad misses with any weight is really newsworthy.



Just curious how many attempts has he made in his laft few comps? I always seem to hear hes missed again

attempting 1102lb takes balls but so does wiping your ass with an industrial sander...doesnt make it smart does it?


The only aspect that I can see as "newsworthy" would be publicizing it prior to the competition for hype. That said, was there even a dozen people other than spotters there?

The "hype" aspect really plays more to when this is an component of a bodybuilding show such as Gene R. at the Olympia a few years ago or as part of another event. It's something interesting for the event promoter to put on the poster.

As for your first point, I agree. It's similar to seeing the results of a bench championship when the top 2-3 guys all bomb. They have no interest in putting up a token/easy lift, they're after gold.


Who makes those??


Antone know who makes the overkill shirts? Are they poly or denim?