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I’m probably going to get a lot of flack about this, but here goes. I’ve been working out for 7 months. lost a little less than 40lbs and a lot of body fat. Still trying to improve. Anyway, with the friends last weekent (as you can guess, male friends) and I was told I was too skinny - one male actually told me he came around to see big breasts and they weren’t like that anymore. What is it about men. I’m killing myself to get in shape and I can’t win.

Hey, not all men are the same. I prefer a woman who is more on the muscular side, pity i can’t find one! Check out some of the pics on the photo forum, take the ones of Patricia for example and then look at the comments, you’ll quickly get the idea than many men prefer an overall fit look to a large pair of jugs! Also if these guys are only interested in your errr… assets… then they are not really worth knowing. Just a thought.

Some men feel threatened and inferior with women in shape. Don’t let it bother you. They are mentally impinged anyway.

Who knows? Some people get used to you being “a certain way” and so they get all weird when you stop conforming to their preconceived notions of how they think you’re “supposed” to be. Maybe they want the old you, who was softer and less threatening… not the new you that can bench press as much as they do. Who can say… people are strange. Make yourself happy first. If you think you look good (and feel good) that’s all that counts. Personally, I wish more women lifted weights.

Avoids and Lumpy speak great truths. Listen to them. Despite what you might think now, you DID win! Nice job. :slight_smile:

40 pounds down, good fuckin job!!!, I doubt you’ll get any other kinds of comments from our little nation called T. Don’t get obsessed with pounds falling aff, keep track of your inches so you don’t fall into the scale’s spell.

Don’t worry about what some men say, just make sure that you are losing the weight for yourself and not us men.

Two years ago I lost 88 pounds, mostly fat. After I lost the weight everyone used to tell me that I was too skinny. I went from 244 to 156 and 8% bodyfat at 5’7. I still get that from some people who haven’t seen me in a while. I think people get used to you at a certain weight and when you make a dramatic change, then they think something might be wrong with you.

I’ve learned to accept true blue compliments with a “thank you” and have learned to disregard comments such as what you heard. Reason being is that I enjoy the fact that I’m a completely functional person. I can lift some weights, I can walk from my home to my office if I need to, carry heavy bags of groceries by myself, help my friends move (like this weekend), rearrange my furniture, move the TV, pound a heavy bag for 10-rounds, etc. THIS is what is important to me - to be physically functional. Oh, and BTW: if these “friends” didn’t recognize and congratulate you on the fine job you’ve made (which you have) - then they are not your friends. SOOOOO, I’ll never be a “supermodel” and neither have I ever dreamed to be. Supermodels don’t lift - well, lift heavy - and they certainly ain’t functional. I’m who I am. I can’t (and won’t)ever change that. Same with you. You know, since you’re an individual.

Don't kill yourself to get into shape for others. You will never win. That's true. Also, side note: big breasts constitute one of two things. Either they're uh, "not real" or the person who has them has a high amount of bodyfat. Simple. A woman loses fat, she may lose breast size. And big whoop. Breasts does not make a woman. To me, being physically and mentally strong (i.e. amazon) makes a woman. You're not on this planet to mold yourself into the wants and desires of every man - besides, that's unreal and it ain't ever gonna happen. Sorry, guys: I don't live for any of you - I live for me.

Who do you see when you look into the mirror? Why you, of course. And you better like what you see - everyday. That's what matters. More than anything else.

Also note that your goal shouldn’t be to get skinny, your goal should be to get shapely.

Unless you look like a Kate Moss twin (and I doubt that’s the case from what youv’e described), I don’t see what the issue is to those men. A woman is more than the size of her boobs. JMHO.

O, BTW, most men are scared of women who can outbench, outrun, and outsquat, and outdeadlift them. Their way of dealing w/ that is by belittling you so that you'll stop outbench, outrun, and outsquat and outdeadlift them.

40 lbs in 7 months?!? As Nate Dogg would say, DAYUM!

I agree with the above comment. You’ve won. If you want a more detailed appraisal, post a pic onthe Photo Forum and we’ll be glad to help…

Great stuff Diana. You set out to do it and you did. Thats good on you girl. As to the rest don’t worry about them if they are not on your frequency then bye bye to them. Just remember it a life style that you have started and some time the changes will be deeper than just work outs. You will find new friends who share your new view of life. They will be more to your liking and supportive of your new life style. All good in my humble point of view. At to big boobs. Ive seen it many times when the weight drops fast it comes from the jugs first on a girl but after a while oddly enough the overall weight stays the same and the bouncers make a come back. Again good on you lady you did it now stay with it.

I’m sorry but the guy who told you this is an IDIOT! Keep up the good work, you don’t have to pay for his little insecurities! Like someone wise said in this thread, you already won!


I agree with everything so far…they probably haven’t adjusted the mental picture of who you are…and it is their loss…so the real question is: do YOU like the new YOU…do you like lifting…do you like being fit…and if you do, fuck 'em…press on

what your friend mean is they like women with slim somachs and big breasts, loose the bluuber and get yourslef some implants if you don’t have natural big breasts

Thin can be good as long as you don’t look anorexic. Athletic and muscular are always nice. As for breasts, some guys are all about breasts, so if they aren’t big, they don’t find you attractive. Screw’em! Besides, ass and leg guys tend to be more intelligent than breast guys. But don’t jump on my case about that one. It was a statistic that I remember reading sometime ago. When it comes to breasts, I don’t care if they are small. In fact, I prefer no larger than a C-cup on women. I think it looks natural and fits the body better. But that’s just my personal opinion, and yes, I’ve dated women from A-DD, so I know what they look like and feel like. I’ll take a B-C cup anyday!

Don’t listen to that crap. As long as you feel good about yourself, your fine. Nonetheless, it sounds as if your male friends are just trying to bring up the topic of “your body,” hoping to open the door to more flirting, ect. Also, big breasts don’t make a woman. Stay on track girl.

You wouldn’t happen to know where you read that statistic, would you? My best friend gives me shit for not being a breast man, so I’d love to throw something back at him.