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Men Using Make Up



Does anyone here wear make up who could shed light into why a guy would ever want to wear the stuff?


The guy in your avatar is wearing makeup




I've worn eyeliner on occasion. It brings out my eyes. Then again, so would a fork.

I've also been tempted to use some sort of cover up when I had really bad acne. Never did, though.


Make up was used as much by men than by women.
High heels were originally invented for men, iirc.


Stage/Film make up is a WHOOOLE different ballpark to wearing fucking eyeliner to go out if you are a straight male, or even a homosexual


Hahhaha, eyeliner!?

I wore some blemish stuff as a teen because I had fucking horrible acne.


Yeah, absolutely.

I can't imagine any normal straight dude using eye cream, anti wrinkle products or lipstick. I mean come the fuck on.



I do have a mate who has worn eyeliner when going to mosh clubs though.

Funny stuff.


I always believed that metrosexuals were just queers that are afraid of the penetration so they never go full homo.


Metrosexuality is on the rise. Guys are following fashion, tanning and grooming themselves at unprecedented levels. It's only a matter of time before these guido douche bags start wearing make up.

Axe brand make up in 5-10 years, count on it.


As somebody who doesn't even wear ear rings there's not a chance I'd ever give into THAT fad no matter how popular it got... I really don't care what other men are putting on their faces but naw not for me lmao.


Lipstick, yeah that's uncalled for.
However, I can't see what would be wrong with using moisturizer, eye-cream or blemish concealer. It's not like you can see these things as obvious make-up and there is nothing un-manly about protecting your skin.


Having had to sit through make up sessions for theater, modeling and more recently tv stuff, I can't imagine doing it voluntarily.

I don't have a problem with guys wearing make up, but I simply can't see myself putting in the time. Then again, I wear pastel briefs, so really, whadda I know?

Skin care is entirely different, and if you don't do it you are missing out.


Ever heard of the 1980's?


Yeah man make up is for fags

Nothing weird about guys getting tanned and oiled up, then flexing around in thongs on stage, though.


I wear make up all the time. I make it myself using berries, plants and the blood of the unborn. Teehee! ^_^


Yup, just a little under the eyes, not all the way around.


It's not the most masculine thing to do, but I don't think it's that much different than anything else done for aesthetic reasons. It's peacocking, and if it scores a dude more chicks, you can't really say it's gay. It's not for me, and I would say most men are better off without it, but than so are alot of women.


It's gay.