Men’s Physique Pre-Contest Cycle

I want to add a couple of mild dosed compounds to my TRT 12 weeks out from a men’s physique competition.

Week 1-12
Mast E - 300mg Weekly
Test C - 120mg Weekly - TRT Dose
Tren A - 75mg Weekly

Week 6-12
Anavar - 50mg Daily

Split into MWF

Test Cyp - 40mg
Mast E - 100mg
Tren A - 25mg
Anavar - 50mg

The goal is to avoid sides effects, maintain size, and come in looking my best. It’s my first competition and cycle since starting TRT.

Advice on good support supplement to add during the cycle.

Thank you

I thought you just posted pics in the rate me forum saying you were doing a 20 week cut? I don’t think 12 weeks is near enough time for a men’s physique contest prep based on where you are at.

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I don’t think you should need to be running Tren and shit 12 weeks out, unless you’re seriously still not close to being in shape, or you’re stepping on a BIG time stage … some test and mast should have someone whose already on very good shape; get into that stage ready shape.

75 mg of tren a week won’t do shit, and pinning an acetate ester MWF is not frequent enough. Pin it EOD minimum, ideally ED.

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Correct, it’s a 20 week cut, the cycle is 12 weeks. That’s means for the next 8 weeks I’m cutting on TRT only.

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I am not sure I buy this. I hear people say min doses for drugs, like EQ needs at least 400, Mast needs at least 300, Primo needs at least 600… Perhaps if running them solo, or with TRT test, but if stacking multiple compounds, I don’t understand why one needs a minimum amount (given that they aren’t taking like 20 mg a week).

Like if I am doing a cycle of Test, EQ, Primo, and Mast and run them at like 500, 300, 400, and 200. The EQ, Primo and mast are under the general recommended doses, but since other AAS are in the mix shouldn’t it work just fine? Not planning this stack, just as an example with several drugs that I’ve seen a lot of recommendations on minimum dosing on.

Well I wish you luck my friend. I am doing a show July 10th so about the same time frame. I personally wouldn’t worry about your weight. I would just get as lean as possible. Just my 2 cent worth. As far as the tren working at that amount I don’t know but you should know that it does have to be EOD not because of the amount but because of the half life of the compound.

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In that case I might as well run everything in an EOD protocol for convenience sake. Should I keep the dosages the same? Now on an EOD basis one week I’m running

3 days
Mast E - 300mg Weekly
Test C - 120mg Weekly
Tren A - 75mg Weekly

And the next it’s

4 days
Mast E - 400mg Weekly
Test C - 160mg Weekly
Tren A - 100mg Weekly

Not sure how important this is since blood levels even out after a while. Just going to go through more gear due to the extra shots compared to MWF.


I tried EOD for TRT, and was always forgetting when to pin. If it was me, I might do something like M,W,F,Sa and pin just a bit less on F and Sa. Not saying you should do this. It is what I would do. I would also go on steroid plotter and figure out what doses I should be taking for it to be a steady as possible with that dosing schedule.

The only one that I think based on just research I’ve done and from my trainer and guys on that have alot of Knowledge. Is that the tren ace is a faster ester so it half life is a lot faster. Mast E and Test Cyp are longer eaters. So those could actually be taken every 5 days. Which is even less pinning. I don’t know if Tren ace at 75mg a week would even make that much of a difference. In my opinion you are probably better off doing 300mg test c and 300mg mast e and not even have to worry about pinning eod with tren and not to mention the tren health risk. Now with that said I will said with full disclosure for my pre show cycle I am taking tren ace mast prop test c just because I can’t tolerate the test prop post injection pain or I would take test prop. Then I will also take anavar at the beginning then stopping and ending the cycle with winstrol and then about a week out arimdex to drop my estrogen and dry out right before the show. Along with a ton of support supplements to help with my lipids and liver and everything else that all those compounds will effect my body. Now that won’t stop the negative effects just trying to keep them to a minimum as I possibly can.

Can you share what support supplement you take for lipids and liver? Thanks

Ok so here every thing I am gonna take as far as supportive supplements and why. They are all approved by my TRT Dr. except one but of course this is approved for me based on my labs and history over the last two years I’ve been with him. So I am gonna take P-5-P 100mg/day to help with the prolactin cause come on who wants Tren dick. It won’t keep them in the normal range but hoping between my low dose and the P-5-P it keeps them from me getting any symptoms. I am also gonna take cialis 5mg daily to help keep b/p in check to not raise too high cause not one needs an enlarged heart from uncontrolled high b/p. Also choline & inositol for my liver at 1500mg/day that’s 1500mg each they have capsules that are 1000mg of 500mg each. Then of course a solid multivitamin and fish oil. Lastly the one that my Dr. cant endorse he says because of the trials but agrees with me that it will help with my lipids but says that he just can’t support because of the clinical trials. That is Cardarine 10mg/day and I am use that not only for its benefits with lipids but for a fat burner and help with my endurance while calorie restricted. But again this is just what I am taking with the help of my Dr. based on my labs and medical history.

Improves dyslipidemia, beneficial impacts on body composition… May be (very) carcinogenic…

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I completely agree @blshaw

OP what’s your cutting plan? Because to be stage ready you need to go to a starving level of calories.
20 weeks diet are usually 20 pounds of fat lost, I think you need to lose more than double that to be stage ready which would equate to a 7000 kcal deficit or more per week. I don’t know if your goals and physique align. But if you do this, I at least understand why you want to run a significant amount of AAS during the diet. I don’t think that makes it better though. Rather a just your expectations.

It’s a 20 week cutting plan. When I started my cut I was 227, I’m on my 4th week at 2,000c and I’m down to 222. Currently I don’t feel starved whatsoever, and haven’t noticed any decrease in strength. I realize that I have a slow metabolism and have cut 25lb on 1800-2000c previously. The plan is to reduce calories to 1900c for the next 4 weeks and come down to 215lb. Then start my cycle and reduce calories to 1800c for 6 weeks. I will make any adjustments if needed for the last 6 weeks of the cut until the show. Both volume and cardio will increase during the last 12 week while on cycle. My goal is to come in between 195 - 200lb. I will be losing between 1 - 1.5lb per week. At 225lb I was 20% bf, so I should be between 10-12% bf at 195-200 (5’10”)

It’s my first show, it’s just for the experience and placing isn’t that important to me. Along with the show I have a vacation coming up two weeks after, so this whole 20 week diet ties into both. This mild cycle is going to be icing on the cake, obviously losing the body fat is the most important part, but the addition of Tren/mast/anavar will help in those last 12 weeks of fat loss and presenting a better looking physique.

At least that’s the plan. If I’m not liking what I’m seeing 4 weeks out, then I’ll have to skip on this show and plan for something later in the summer.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.


You meant to type is insanely carcinogenic.

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I get this mindset. But if you’re doing it… why not set goals to help you place? If you don’t, who cares, but why not try. By that I mean don’t do this…

This is not close to stage ready. You need another 3-4% drop. If you have 20 weeks that’s enough time IMO. Then again I have no experience in this area, just what I’ve researched as I’m doing my own cut. FWIW I’ve lost over 10lbs in a month following a stage prep coach’s plan for me and that was after already losing some weight without much effort. I’m down from 205 in Nov to 185 now but would have to likely drop another 20 to get close to stage at my height. Do you have any professional help?

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It’s shocking how much one who is like 15 percent fat needs to lose to be stage ready. Most don’t account for the water weight, the muscle loss, etc. It is really hard for most to get that lean. I don’t plan on doing it, I think I would look a lot worse than say 10-12 percent.

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When I competed, knowing the absolute value of % body fat was financially extremely impractical. I used the skin fold test to attain relative numbers. I know the skin fold test lacks precision, but once you get proficient doing the test, it is very repeatable.

You must be capable of being objective when assessing your physique in the mirror. You want to do comparisons in like lighting. Measure your % body fat at least weekly and compare with what you see in the mirror. Become very familiar with the correlation between the two. When you start seeing striations, you’re getting there: note the % body fat.

If you’re not seeing striations, you’re not stage ready. That is not to say you should not enter the show (if it’s your first show it will still be a valuable learning experience.) Get any feedback you can and live to fight another day.

My first show I finished dead last (they rated us and posted the results for all to see.) It was a valuable learning experience.


Well I think you should do the show regardless. I mean the experience only would be awesome. I am not sure you are lean enough yet but I have seen guys get extremely lean for a show with similar body types in a 20 weeks cutting cycle. I would be less concern with what you weigh as long as your under what you need to weigh for your height in men’s physique. I am doing my first show as well I am doing a 24 week cut and am 22 weeks out now so good luck you got this.

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