Men’s Physique Competition Cycles

Anyone have any experience with pre contest cycles during prep? Will be competing in men’s physique this summer & have begun planning that cycle.

what you planning? myself and possibly Singhbuilder (injured) are doing physique shows this year although our cycles are different as we are at different stages in our progression. I’m 13 weeks out and about to start a test e/dbol/proviron cycle.

what are your stats? age, height, weight, any pictures?

Dbol 13 wks out? Bit too late to be bulking

aha not bulking, using it as a muscle sparing agent, and to hopefully maintain if not increase strength. when I ordered the dbol a bulk was planned but ah well, gonna make use of it now.

ehhh dbol screws up my appetite (dopamine secretion + hepatotoxicity), so I can understand if one were to react the way I did… it’d work very well

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what was your dosage?

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20mg/day (started at 10 for 2 days) for 1 week, then again at 20mg daily for 2.5 weeks

The second time it was also with 250mg test and 100mg mast, quite a heavy cycle if you ask me (lasted for 7 wks), but dropped the mast at week 6

Was totally inappropriate for me to be running such dosages, I did look jacked as fuck whilst on though… shame I lost almost everything in Europe. I’ve come back weighing almost 80kg… body recomposition… loss of muscle mass and tremendous fat gain

Hadn’t decided yet what i was planning. I am 24 weeks out and planning on starting my cycle 16 weeks out. Had thought about Test/tren/mast cycle Ive read its good for shows. Not sure on dosages just thinking ahead.

Stats are 6’3’’ 215 lbs 24 years old. Pictures of physique 24 weeks out attached!

you’re looking good man, have you cycled before? what’s your history? I’ve only used test e up until now so can’t really advise further as I’m still a complete newbie.

Yeah I’ve cycled before. 750 mg/week test E, 350 tren E/week. Just finished a strength gaining phase is only reason I jumped on some tren. For shows I know most competitors at the high levels usually run short esters so that’s one reason I was thinking test/tren/mast

Holy shit… I thought I just read “750 mg tren, 350mg test”… Was gonna be like “WHAT!!!”

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So what do you cruise on? Or do you cycle/PCT

Asking because you’re a competitor, they tend to cruise on some wack shit

This will actually be my first time competing I’ve just done PCT I’ve never cruised. What’s your experience with that?

You are at a good starting point, pretty lean for 24 weeks out. 16 weeks should be sufficient for a cut, I’m not sure you’ll be able to handle tren for that long however. Cut as slow as possible.


Thanks man, always been able to stay pretty lean I started lifting at 6’3’’ 135 lbs 4 years ago lol. Wasn’t gonna cut until 16 weeks out or so, just thinking ahead trying to figure out a competition cycle

I dropped Test and any aromatising compounds 2 weeks out from the show and kept Winstrol and Masteron in.


You’re… 24? :kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:

I’m surprised @unreal24278 didn’t give you a lashing for showing your face :laughing:

Seriously though. Don’t admit to AAS use and show your face online. Online is forever. Crop those photos. You look good man. At 6’3" you should definitely have a presence on stage for what I consider mostly a short man’s sport.