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Men Over 60: Do You Focus on Strength, Hypertrophy or Both?

With the understanding that ones program has all the components of a well-balanced program of :strength, conditioning, and mobility. My question for those of you 60 years and older when lifting weights do you just focus on strength or do you add in a hypertrophy program at some point?

What is your favorite strength program of Jims?

What is your favorite hypertrophy program?


I believe you should train for both; but don’t be so quick to think that these two ways of training are so far away from each other. You don’t need to do 1-3 reps to get stronger; you can get stronger with higher reps, too. So get that outdated bologna out of your head.

Understand that both of these things go quickly as we age; strength/hypertrophy. But also mobility.

As I get older, I focus on these things:

Mobility (easy to keep going)

Getting off the ground - never lose this; do Turkish Get-ups, perfect for older people

Strength/Hypertrophy - again, not mutually exclusive. Strong legs and “built” upper body is the focus. Strong legs are healthy legs.

Conditioning - both hard and easy. Generally, way more easy than hard. Also, the rally cry for my football players is “strong legs, strong lungs”. There are still “coaches” who don’t believe you should be in good shape for football and ignore running. “Strong legs, strong lungs” is also what I believe for my own training.

What you do in the weight room is going to be scaled to what you can do; only you know that. In general, I do Malcolm X BBB, with 5’s PRO and/or a variation of 5’s PRO that I do. That’s 50 total reps after my main work with my FSL. Those 50 reps have to be done in 20 minutes.

So the first part of the workout is “heavy”. The second part is for hypertrophy; Again, just makes things easier to “see”. After that, all assistance work is bodyweight or KB based.

The above is done 3 days/week. One main lift/day, one assistance lift/day.
Conditioning is done 3-4 days/week and is weather/attitude dependent. So as long as I do something, I don’t really care. It can be Prowler, walking, bike, stairs, weight vest walk/stairs, hills, weight vest hills, sled pull, mile run, 100s/50’s. Again, just get moving.

My “strong lungs” don’t have to play football again; they just need to be healthy.


Appreciate the feedback Jim.

That’s a good post Jim Wendler. Strong legs and mobility are paramount as we age, simple but true.

Jim always makes alot of sense. His often blunt flair of language cracks me up too!

What is the Malcolm X version of BBB? I have Forever and the original book maybe I missed this?


Get to 50 reps “…by any means necessary”

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Do you still do 4 main lifts?
What assistance movement do you pair with each?