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Men in Power - Headhunter's Dream



Sadly for HH, this group is not limited to caucasians only, but one has to start somewhere.

In all seriousness though, I would join this group, provided the events weren't a bunch of bellyaching sessions.


I am glad that you could make the leap from Caucasian males having an equal shot at something, to Caucasian males being a privileged group. I take it the high jump was your sport in hs/college? That was truly a leap there.

Ah the Left...if you oppose something, you're a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, on and on. Their profundity is exceeded greatly by their ignorance.


Actually, if sounds like a good group. That college supposedly has a dozen female advocacy groups and now 1 for men. I heard an interview with the founder on the radio, and it really sounded like a good thing. He was talking mostly about raising awareness on issues most people currently ignore. Men have a much higher suicide rate, higher drop out rate, and even higher unemployment. But apparently itâ??s sexist to try and combat suicide among men.


It's more the fact that, historically, opponents of the left have been bigots, racists, homophobes, etc.


Really, do you think Obama or McCain voters cared more about race? Just like the south is more racist than the north, right? Grow the hell up and realize you and yours aren't exempt.


You and yer kind aren't taken kindly around herr


Bush II had the most diverse administration in history. Black people, women, hispanics, rejected him. Bush led the way for Hispanics to immigrate, had two Hispanics in high positions in his admin. Hispanics hated him.

The Left went nuts over Clarence Thomas. Black people rejected Republicans and voted Dem. Same way for Condy Rice. Most blacks are therefore racists.

Those on the Left ARE bigots, racists, homophobes, etc. "Republicans better not oppose Santomajor or they'll lose Hispanics!!" Hispanics wouldn't vote for whites anyway; they've shown that. Neither will black people (overwhelmingly). And the Left brought up race.

So...why give a shit about 'losing their votes'? They're racists anyway and won't vote for a white person. They're mostly lib racists.


"Men in power" used to be a subject we did not take in jest on a site such as this, sadly those days are gone.



You're babbling. And who are you talking about when you say "the left"? The democrats? Give me a break.


Again, what does Obama have to do with the left? You people need to get a clue.


Haha, we really need a group like this at Berkeley. People would go fucking crazy over this. Caucasian males are the only unrepresented minority on campus. There have been a few attempts to start advocacy groups and all of them have been met with extreme hostility. Reverse racism is an ignored reality in many universities. I applaud this kid for having the balls to start that group.


See my thread about how white males are not even considered any more. I bet Obama didn't even think of a white male for the Supreme Court. Imagine the hue and cry if he'd even thought of doing that.

I don't ask for any preference but by God let's choose the best person without regard to anything except getting the job done!!


X2, there is no future with bad choices.


By definition there is no such thing as "reverse" racism. It is just plain racism, regardless of who it is. I hate it when people put that qualifier in front of it to make it sound like it's unusual or rare or in some way more unexpected for some people to be discriminated against.


He has a lot more to do with the left than "bigots, racists, and homophobes" have to do with the right.


That has some serious dependence on a totally arbitrary definition of "left."