Men: How to Keep Estrogen in Check

Hi @TC_Luoma thanks for your response, yes im in UK. I’m thinking Oestradiol 116 and thats in pmol/L as shown in screenshot, if convert that to pg/mL thats 31.59? If thats correct :rofl:

Well don’t I feel foolish! Thanks!

Ha! Thanks. And yeah, as far as the range, you’re in the sweet spot. However, “normal” ranges are just what’s normal for roughly 95% of the population. Too bad nobody ever gets a baseline hormonal panel done when they’re 25 or 30 years old. However, if you feel good and don’t have any symptoms associated with high/low E2, you’re probably fine.

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Thanks for replying, already lost around 20 lbs, currently sitting at 177 lbs (5’10" height) and with body fat at around 20%, want to cut until I’m at least 15%. I think that might keep E in check.

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There you go!

Did you get a chance to look at it yet?

Intention was to inform, never to make anyone feel foolish.

Let me know what you think of the link above… It’s a quick read

Man, I was hoping you’d take it seriously and read it quick, since it goes against what your article claims.

I’m holding you to your word. Have you looked at this link?

So I have found TONS of articles on how to lower one’s estrogen…but all I can find for the inverse is that low estrogen increases risks and makes you have shitty orgasms. When I get bloodwork done my estrogen is rock-bottom low…how the F do I increase it in a healthy manner? Any ideas? I can’t find anything

You can increase estrogen by increasing testosterone via TRT or even HCG.

You could also just supplement Estrogen, but I wouldn’t recommend this off the bat.