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Men Going Their Own Way


Interesting way of thinking :slightly_smiling:



Decided to monetize the MGTOW crowds attention?

You will find out they are are a very though crowd.



Someone showed me this site and It looked interesting, so I thought I'd share it on T Nation. Nothing more, nothing less.

You're obviously familiar, at least somewhat, with MGTOW; What are your thoughts on it?


My thoughts on it is that MGTOWs are shit on left, right and center, derided by feminists, MRAs and PUAs....

Alas, if civilization really depends on male surplus production, "fuck you, I am gonna take my ball and go home" is the most effective action.

Or inaction.

Sure, women can tilt the playing field to their advantage all they want, but at some point at least some men will check out and if fewer and fewer men want to play with them anymore, what good does a rulebook that favors them do?

Be that as it may, I still believe MGTOW does not lend itself to commercialization because you do not have to do or be anything to be MGTOW.

In fact, what you "have" to do is this:



I'd put money that there's a plethora of neck beards on that site.


I'd put money that they are mostly in STEM fields and are increasingly not giving a shit.

Neckbeards -> the sweat smell of civilization.

Edit: I added a c


Of course, all of this is in direct response to women going their own way. But hey, protest on, men who can't get women anyway!


Never heard of that. How are women going their own way? Last I checked women still want to get married more than ever.


A better logo would have been a circle w/ that off ramp symbol, no?


There seems something odd, and honestly kind of sad, about men feeling the need to pay for membership into a online club to assert their self-ownership. I can't imagine my father or grandfather sitting behind a computer, writing forum posts to other men about how autonomous they are and sharing links to things they found around "the manosphere."

The whole thing sort of reminds me of the skinny guy in high school who constantly talks about how tough he is and how many asses he's kicked. If you were really a rugged, sovereign, no-nonsense manly-man, I doubt you'd spend much time talking (complaining?) about it on the internet.


Not that I care one way or the other since I don't self identify with these people, and I'm not in any way involved with MRA or MGTOW or whatever the fuck other acronyms there are.


I believe this is actually one of their main points. Even you, an intelligent, educated woman, make a statement defining men by their ability to "get" a woman. As though a man's value is only determined by how hot of a chick he can score. If you can't get a woman, you're not a real man, and you have little to no value as a human being. I think a big part of their point is that they should be able to define themselves and have value independently and not be seen as lesser or greater depending on the status of their relationship or lack there of with a female.


But they don't want to get married to these guys, and would rather end up as crazy cat ladies. Also, these guys are probably still net tax payers.


"get" women?

If by women you mean female hypergamic whores devoid society places zero moral agency on then yes.


They do... Just after their fun in their 20's


Well, if they cant get women anyway, what is the point of playing womens vapid games?

If its hopeless, why jump through hoops?

Why not turn their backs on you?


"U.S. marriage rates have reached historic lows in recent years. Since 1970 - when about 74 marriages happened annually for every 1,000 unmarried women รข?? the marriage rate declined by nearly 60%, dropping to 31 marriages per 1,000 unmarried women by 2012, the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University found.

The descent is even more pronounced for millennials. In 1960, a little over two-thirds (68%) of all 20-somethings were married. In 2008, just 26% were hitched, according to the Pew Research Center."

Business Insider


Should have been " sweet smell of civilization."

Actually, I like sweat smell better, it being closer to the truth and all.


I liked this one:


It's fine to define oneself, the problem I see is that these guys define themselves through their anger at women and society. They're exactly the same, in my view, as the angry feminists who express that my romantic view of men and homemaking is holding everyone down. I make no judgment of women who simply define themselves otherwise. More and more women find work and independence more gratifying than family-building. That's fine. Same the men. Do what fulfills you, but do it for you, not AGAINST some vague notion of "them."

If you put that much energy into blaming the opposite sex for your problems, male or female, I'm going to assume sour grapes.