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Men get hyper on a cuppa

This is taken from an article in a UK national newspaper today:

COFFEE makes men stressed but RELAXES women, a study claims.

Scientists found blokes felt more pressure and their heart rates rose after drinking caffeine.

And they got more stressed when told the drink would boost performance in tasks.

But caffeine reduced stress for women, the Bristol University study revealed.

Dr Lindsay St Claire said work coffee breaks might be bad for men

The Caffeine in coffee is also a thermogenic and a neural potentiator, hence high levels of caffeine are termed doping by the IOC.

Coffee has also been implicated in reducing bone density, and reducing heart disease.

It reduces insulin sensitivity too, which possibly negates its efficacy as a weight-loss aid with carb-based diets.

Coffee is also cool with a muffin, and if I feed my ex-girlfriend enough she gets really “happy”, “hyperactive” and “playful”, and if I give her a whole lot, she will even start to vibrate.