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Men Banging in the Sauna at my Gym?


So I haven't been in the sauna at my gym in ages, I'm bulking, makes no sense to do it. I'm beginning a cut again soon, and was considering going in there for about 15 minutes after my workouts, as I enjoy the feeling.

I noticed a sign next to the door that read something like: "This sauna is monitored by staff members throughout the day. Anyone engaging in inappropriate behavior may have their memberships revoked and/or be prosecuted. The department of public health inspects this sauna regularly and any evidence of inappropriate conduct will result in the sauna being shut down. We put these saunas in both the men's and women's locker-rooms for everyone's enjoyment. Let's all make sure they don't get shut down"

W.T.F. There's no way in fuck I am using that sauna again.


Why else do you think most of those fuckers stay in the locker room for so long? I see some of those dudes in there from the time I start lifting until I finish. They damn sure aren't spraying deodorant for 45min.


Someone was probably wanking in it or something. Everyone knows the sauna is for solo, the shower is for banging. Duh.


yah I noticed two guys talking for like 5 minutes last time I was there. I look behind me at one point and they're both talking to each other, but staring at my naked ass while I dried off after my shower. Awkward.



^ that is fucking funny. Thanks Prof made my day.


speaking of disgusting stuff in locker rooms

i swear to god every time i go to the gym the same damn fat old guy is naked standing under a dryer.

i think he was there when i was getting my stuff to go yesterday too. WTF MAN!!

why do people want to be naked at the gym SO bad, its not a nudist colony.


Yeah, unless you're cruisin' for dudes, don't use the saunas at the gym. That shit is creepy.


Yeah, wacking it in the sauna is a good workout.


funny and painfully true...in most gyms there are at least a few of these guys that pretty much just hang around in the locker room for hours. i go dressed to workout and leave that way, shower at home


thought this was a good addition too


oh man, I hate those guys who insist on walking around buck naked and starting long conversations. Like c'mon I don't give a fuck if a dude does his thing and showers. Yet there's a thin line.

This is exactly why I don't shower at the gym. Who knows what kind of people were in the shower before you....


That's disgusting, thank God I never use the sauna lol




I think it'd be hard to stay hard in a sauna. It's so taxing on your heart and shit youd be out of breath banging pretty fast.


Whenever I go in the locker room at Gold's I have my head down the entire time. Last time I walked in and saw Stanley from the office buck naked weighing himself on a fucking scale right in the open.

This isn't ancient rome people. It's not fine to just walk around butt fucking naked in a gym locker room. Save it for your home and the nudist colonies/beaches.


Wait - so you're saying it's a normal occurrence for men to be fucking each other in the locker room of your gym?

Wow - I had some freak try and grab my junk in the shower at Bally's about 15 years ago, but I never saw any dudes actually fucking each other in there.

That's bizarre...



Sounds like your gym is fucked up... First the janitor gives you lifting advice, now people are fucking in the sauna? What's next?


Umm....the janitor fucking in the sauna, I guess?! ; )


Lanky works at AQ's gym?