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Men are Funnier than Women


I was justing reflecting on how much Sarah Silverman sucks when I realized that it's a biological evolutionary fact that men have superior senses of humor to chicks. Sure there are a few girls who can get a chuckle out of me here and there- Tina Fey comes to mind- but, overwhelmingly, the funny people in the world are of the male demographic. Anyone disagree?


I'm not really sure about the general human population, because I know some girls personally that have amazing senses of humor, but in terms of professional comedians, it seems like Males definitely rule the roost.

The only female comics that crack me up are Wanda Sykes and very rarely Ellen Degeneres.

Meanwhile, I could rattle off 20 male comics that get me rolling.


I've always thought that to keep your cool in front of a crowd scrutinising you and be really, really funny takes balls- sometimes, literally so.



You're right on one thing: Sarah Silverman is not funny. Just looks good.

Maybe its cause its subject matter. I laugh at jokes based around: Race, cursing, and actual events.


Sarah Silverman's show is just painful. I couldn't get through fifteen minutes. What a piece of shit.


What! Women aren't funny?

Have you never seen the Ellen DeGeneres show, or Roseanne in stand up?

Geez some people.

/satire off

I agree, I have no idea why my wife laughs at Ellen. My wife was laughing hysterically at some Ellen stand up where Ellen was trying to rap some Salt & Pepper song. It was horrible to me, but my wife laughed and laughed.

I guess women have different taste.


ellen degenerate is kinda funny... looking


Wanda Sykes is hysterical as Bauer said. I found Ellen funny on one stand-up routine she did. But I generally don't find her funny. I can't think of any other women today that really 'have it'. Tina Fey's quirky/funny but not really roll over in your chairs funny. I'm not sure what the reason would be. It seems doubtful to me that it's simply a gender thing. There HAVE been funny female comedians in the past. Lucille Ball was really funny. I think you have to get over worrying about looking stupid and not projecting yourself as a sex symbol. That's much harder for women to do in this culture.


I would have to agree. The only female comedian that makes me laugh is Wanda Sykes. Other than that, no.

Maybe female comedians are funnier to women, but male comedians can appeal to both sexes.


I think Lisa Lampanelli is hillarious, she reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay.


Women comics are not my favorite. There is the occasional one that I think is funny...ahhh no I'm still lying.

There was one woman comedian that made me laugh about ten years ago...and that's been it.

Give me Ron White over Ellen anyday.


Sarah Silverman's hot.


Agreed. As said by others, Wanda Sykes is really the only girl I've ever laughed hard at. Lewish Black, Robin Williams and a few others have had me laughing so hard I had to leave the room though.


Be careful, you don't want to insinuate that women might have some inherent physiological differences that make them inferior at mathematics and sciences... er, I mean comedy. You're destroying the lives of young women everywhere.


YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Thank you!!! I love it when people try to call me out on that, too -- "You're a sexist asshole!" No, it's just that women, as a matter of fact, don't make me laugh. It's certainly not my fault. I'd love to be able to laugh at their jokes -- who doesn't want to laugh more? But the fact of the matter is, it's not funny when you just say something that isn't funny, but then you stifle an uncomfortable laugh at the end of the sentence (the "humor" I see coming from most of the girls in my classes -- and, I'm ashamed to say, my female friends don't do much better. Considering how few people I see who actually bust up over girls' jokes, I think most of the people whom I encounter feel similarly but are too P.C.-brainwashed to admit it (fucking Vermonters.)


Women aren't funny as a rule. Yeah, Wanda Sykes can be funny, but think about it. Cosby, Murphy, Pryor, Foxx, Monty Python, Stooges, Leary, Rock, White.

There are things that girls just struggle at, being funny, math, stick shifts, common sense, and picking up heavy objects come to mind.


Marge: "Homer, he prefers the company of men!"
Homer: (rolling eyes) "Who doesn't?"


Men aren't funny as a rule. Let's not forget that 9 out of 10 people posting on this thread are probably unfunny as hell on a day to day basis.

Arguing that men are more likely than women to be geniuses still doesn't make you one.


The reason that women arent funny is because I don't want to hear some joke told by a chick about some dude she nailed. Or how much her farts stunk. Or some dump she took. But coming from a guy its hilarious. The reason that women arent funny is the double standard. Women aren't supposed to be disgusting, whereas its fine for men to be gross. What would Larry the Cable guy be without fart jokes.


I don't know, there was this fat chick on one of Comedy Central's roasts that I thought was hilarious and I don't generally find too many of those bits that funny. I wish I could remember her name cause I think she is somewhat big time for a comedian, but one of her jokes was, "I've had more black dick in me than the urinals at the Apollo." It was outstanding.