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Memory Stick for Digital Camera


If you are to leave your memory stick in your digital camera for long periods of time (3-4 months) without using it, does the memory stick go bad? This has happened with me twice.

If so, then would leaving the memory stick out whenever I am not using it fix the problem?

It's a sony snap shot.


My memory sticks are fine. Maybe try keeping it out of the sun, in a cool area?


Define "goes bad".

Just reformat it. If you have a card reader XP Vista and Mac are capable of doing this. You might try to nuke it first. Be careful.


It's fun, try it.


no memory sticks dont degrade if you leave them in the device. I think you're thinking of batteries, which you are supposed to take out if you won't be using the device


It depends on how ur camera is internally. This happens when u have a lot of humidity in the air, and some of that humidity gets insiede ur camera, thats why ur memory stick may get damaged.

I recommend buyin a wallet for u memory cards, its cheap and it keeps them safe.



I think you are right because I was in a very humid city when it went bad. Good call!


Camera can't read the memory card anymore. Even though it's in, it keeps asking to put the card in.


Thats bad news :S have u tried to reformat it fully in your PC ?


Take the card out, and put in computer. If computer lets you open the files, then back them up, and reformat the card. Problem solved.