Memorial Day

Just want to wish everyone a happy memorial day weekend. Besides having fun with your family/friends, please do take time to remember our veterans, both past and present. Peace!

I don’t want to kill anybody’s buzz, but about 25% of the homeless in this country are veterans.

Here’s an article about problems that some recent veterans have faced after being discharged:

“From the Ranks to the Street”,0,2547676.story?coll=ktla-news-%201

Hey Lumpy, what are you up to today? Going to piss on Pat Tillman’s grave?

Ha ha, very funny.

Do you know that your hero George Bush is probably going to cut Veterans’ benefits by almost ONE BILLION dollars in 2005? (The White House just sent a memo out to all federal agencies, telling them to expect big budget cuts in 2005.) The estimated cuts for veterans benefits will be 900 million dollars. This, while thousands of seriously wounded vets are returning to the US.

Don’t worry, Bush will not release his next budget proposals until AFTER the election.

Is this what YOU call ‘supporting the troops’? Do you think that Donald Trump’s huge tax breaks are more important than keeping VA hospitals open?

I think it’s a disgrace.

JRC, hey what are you up to this year? Gonna piss on some living vets by voting for Bush?

Roy was just trying to give a little love for vets.

You assholes…

It was memorial day, kind of a day where everyone can collectively remember the sacrifices made by servicemen past and present.

What the fuck.

I hear you dude, like you I was in the navy. I got out in 92 as an IS2, so I hear where you’re coming from! A big thank you to all the vets and current service members!

No politics, just appreciation for all the Vets out there.

God Bless and thank you

Me Solomon Grundy

Instead of making all kinds of noise about who’s going to cut what funds, try a moment (or two) of silence, in remembrance, for all those who, over the years, have sacrificed life and limb so you can have the freedom to squawk and whine.

Oh, and have a Happy Memorial Day!

hey guys,
i was actually down in DC this weekend and got to visit the WWII memorial. what a sight. i would reccommend anyone who is a vet or has a vested interst in WWII to take the time and see this. my grandfather was at pearl harbor during the attacks and received a purple heart for his injuries sustained in the bombing. i never knew him (died before i was born) but he a truly a T-man in my mind.

trailer36 Did you take any pictures of the memorial?

yes i did. i even got a picture with a vet who was a prisoner of war for 2 1/2 years in germany. it was an awesome experience.