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Memorial Day

Hey all you good T-Maggers…
Be sure tommorrow to take a moment of silence to remember and reflect on the lives of those who bled and DIED so we could have and enjoy this here website…amongst other innumeriable rights.


Captain Don Rose

Peace to you

You know, in my country the memorial day is the day before independance day. just so we’d remember who we have to thank for this independance.

I want to join you in saluting the soldiers who died so that other nations could live in peace and that world would be a better place someday.

 Kuri, and glute-spanker thanking us for our troops!

 The world must be coming to an end soon.

 Clear blue skies to you PTRDR!

 Dont you just love them C-5s? For those who dont know, they're exclusive to the Air Force and Air National Guard. It's the second biggest aircraft in the world, falling six inches short of the russian antonov. It's 7 stories high, with the cockpit over 3 stories high. It carries several black hawks, cobras, or chinook ch-46s inside, AND still carry about 80 troops in the upper floor. The tail has a fuckin ladder INSIDE which is used for mechanic to climb an additional 3.5 stories up to reach the top of the tail from the inside. Watch out for vertigo.

 This SOB was responsible for carrying our troops to Afghanistan, in lieu of Navy ships (Afghanistan is isolated from sea). Each can be fitted to mobilize hundreds of troops within 24 hours, and carry Abrahms armored tanks, helos, I think even fighter jets. We can mobilize a whole force to anywhere in the world within 24 hours thanx to thiese SOBs. That is something.

Thanks for the pic bro!!..its an awesome aircraft…would love to fly one!

Been inside on and it is amazing…hard to believe the air has the density to support something like this in flight!


You can get a brick to fly if you apply enough horsepower.

It is good to honor the sacrifice of those that didn’t come home. Every one of them had plans and a future but they did what they had to do and in doing so traded their future for ours. We stand on the shoulders of giants.