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Memo Attached To Knife That Killed Van Gogh

From SF writer Jerry Pournelle’s site:

The following is long, and rather blood-curdling. It is a translation of the memo attached to the knife that was plunged into Van Gogh.

OPEN LETTER TO HIRSHI [sic; the correct spelling is “Hirsi”] ALI In the Name of Allah the CoMpassionate, the Merciful.
Peace and blessings to the Emir of the Mujahideen, the laughing killer Mohammed Rasoeloe Allah (Sala Allaho alaihie wa Sallam), his family and companions and those who sincerely follow them until the Day of Judgement.
There is no aggression except against the agressors.
The following:
Peace and blessings to anyone who follows the Guidance.
This is an open letter to an infidel fundamentalist, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, of the Thaghoet party, VVD.

Dear Ms Hirshi Ali,
Ever since your appearance in the political arena of the Netherlands, you have constantly busied yourself terrorizing Muslims and Islam with your statements. You are not the first to do this, nor will you be the last to join the crusade against Islam. With you apostacy you have not turned your back on the Truth, but you march along the ranks of the soldiers of evil to boot.
You don not make a secret out of your enmity towards Islam, and for this you have been rewarded by your master with a seat in parliament.
They have found a supporter in you for their crusade against Islam and Muslims. An accomplice, who hands them all the “gunpowder” so they won’t have to get their hands dirty themselves. Since you have been blinded by the burning infidelity that rages inside you, you are unable to see that you are merely an instrument of the true enemies of Islam. You are being used to spout all kinds of hostilities about Islam and the noblest of humans, Mohammed Rasoeloe Alla (Salla Allaho aleihie wa Sallam. All this Ms Hishi Ali I do not hold against you, as a soldier of evil you are merely doing your job. The fact that you can spout your evil so overtly is not due to your own actions, but to the Ummah of Islam. She has neglected her task of resisting injustice and evil an is sleeping off her hangover. All your hostilities against Islam should thus only be blamed on the Islamic Ummah. This letter is an attempt, Insha Allah, to silence your evil for once and for all.
These written words will, Isha Allah, cause you mask to drop. I should like to begin with your recent proposal to screen Muslims for their ideology during job applications. Your proposal is very interesting, the more so since its implementation will reveal the rotten faces of your political masters (if they would be put to the test in a fair manner, and if they would openly state their true ideology). It is a fact that Dutch politics are dominated by the many Jews who are the products of the teachings of the Talmud; the same with your fellow political party members. Since you always advocate “self-criticism/introspection” [note: this is my best approximation of a Dutch idiomatic expression], we shall then put your proposal to the test in your own politi

The same politic[al environment] which, through its policies, has joined the terrorism against Islam and Muslims.
I would like to ask you the following questions:
What do you think of the fact that Van Aartsen [the chairman of the Dutch house of commons and member of the VVD, one of the ruling coalition parties] adheres to an ideology according to which non-Jews are viewed as non-human? What do you think of the fact that Amsterdam is ruled by a mayor who adheres to an ideology according to which Jews are allowed to lie to non-Jews? What do you think of the fact that you are part of a government which supports the State with an ideology which promotes genocide? Since you are a champion of equal rights, you will, after this has come to your knowledge, probably urge your Jewish masters in parliament to reject the tenets of the Talmud. You will probably also do your utmost to advocate this among the Jewish community in the Netherlands. Now and then your actions betray your cowardly courage with which you demand attention fooor you struglle [so much for “flawless Dutch without any typos”, with which Mohamed B.
is credited by the Dutch media]. For instance, you have had the cowardly courage to ask Muslim pupils to make a choice between their Creator and the constitution. Right away you have used the answers of these pure young souls to think of arguments to justify your crusade.
With all these hostilities, you have released a boomerang, and you know it is only a matter of time before this boomerang will seal your fate. However, Ms Hirshi Ali, you will have the chance to carve your being right into the pages for once and for all: There is one certainty in the entire existence of creation, and that is that everything must end sometime. A child which is born into this world and fills its presence [sic] in this universe with its first cries of life, will eventually leave this world with a cry of death. A grass-stalk which raises its head out of the dark earth and which is subsequently caressed by sunlight and nourished by the falling rain, will in the long run wither and be reduced to dust.
Death, Ms Hirshi Ali, is the common theme of all that exists. You, I, and the rest of creation cannot detach ourselves to [sic] this truth.
A Day will come when one soul will not avail the other soul to anything. A Day which will be accompanied by terrible torture and agony. A Day when the unjust squeeze horrible cries out of their lungs. Cries, Ms Hirshi Ali, which will cause shivers to run down one’s spine; which will raise the hair on people’s heads. People will be seen as drunk (of fear) even while they’re not drunk. FEAR shall fill the atmosphere on that Great Day:
When the sun is rolled up. And when the stars fall. And when the mountains are moved. And when the pregnant camels are left behind. And when the seas are caused to boil. And when the souls are united.

And when the girls who was buried alive is interrogated. For what sin she was killed. And when the papers are opened. And when the skies are skinned. [multiple interpretations are possible for these last to sentences, making accurate translation impossible without knowing what the author intended to convey]. And when the Djahim (Hell) is ignited.
And when Paradise is nigh. Then a soul knows what she [sic] has accomplished. (81:1-14).
On that Day, man flees from his brother. And from his mother and father. And from his wife and his children. On that Day, each single one of them will be busy with something that is sufficient for him.
Faces (of the unbelievers) will be covered with dust that Day. And darkness will envelope them. They are the ones who are the sinful infidels (80:34-42).
You, as an infidel extremist, obviously do not believe in the scene described above. For you the above is merely a fictitious dramatic piece from a Book like many others. And yet, Ms Hirshi Ali, I dare to wager [lit. ‘risk’] my life to contend that the you break out COLD SWEAT when you read this. You, as an infidel fundamentalist, obviously believe that there is no Supreme Power which rules the entire universe, You do not believe that your heart, with which you reject the truth, has to ask permission to tick from this Supreme Power before every single heartbeat. You do not believe that your heart, with which you deny the Guidance of this Supreme Power, is subordinate to His laws. You do not believe that life and death are given by this Supreme Power. If you truly believe in all this, the following challenge should be no obstacle for you. Therefore, with this letter I dare you to prove you are right. You don’t have to do much:
Ms Hirshi Ali: WISH for DEATH if you are truly CONVINCED you are right. If you do not meet my challenge; know that my Master, the Most exalted, has revealed you as a perpetrator of injustice. ‘Wish ye for death then, if thou art true.’ But they will never wish for it (death), because what their hands have wrought (in sins). And Allah is Omniscient about the perptrators of injustice. (2:94-95).
In order to avoid that the same reproach is directed at myself as well as you, I will wish this wish before you:
My Rabb, give us death, that we may rejoice in martyrdom.
Allahoemma Amien.

Ms Ayaan Hirshi Ali and the rest of the extremist infidels: Islam has survived through the many hostilities and repressions in History. Each time the pressure on Islam is increased, this has but rekindled the fire of faith. Islam is like a plant that has died and, by many years of pressure and extremely high temperatures, has been shaped into a diamond. A dead plant which has been formed by the whims of time into the strongest precious stone on this earth. A precious stone on which the hardest sledgehammer breaks.
You and your comrades know very well that the Islamic youth of today is a diamond in the rough which needs only to be polished, so that it can spread the penetrating light of Truth. Your intellectual terrorism will not stop this, on the contrary it will only speed it up. Islam will be victorious through the blood of its martyrs. It will spread its light in every dark corner of this earth and it will drive evil back into its murky cave, with the sword if necessary.
This struggle which has broken out is different from all previous struggles. De infidel fundamentalists have started it and Insha Allahm the true believers will end it. There will be no mercy for the perpetrators of injustice, only the sword will be raised against them.
No discussion, no demonstrations, no marches, no petitions: only DEATH shall separate Truth from Lies.
Say, “Verily, the death which you are trying to avoid will surely find you, afterwards you shall be taken back to the Knower of the unknowable and He shall then tell you what you used to do.” (62:.
And as a great Prophet once said:
“And I know for certain that you, O Pharao, will perish.” (17:102) Thus we also want to use similar words and let them precede us, so that the skies and the stars will pick up this news and spread it in all corners of the universe.
“I know for certain that you, O America, will perish.”
“I know for certain that you, O Europe, will perish.”
“I know for certain that you, O Netherlands, will perish.”
“I know for certain that you, O Hirshi Ali, will perish.”
“I know for certain that you, O infidel fundamentalist, will perish.”
Hasboena Allah wa ni3ma alwakeel
Ni3ma alMawla wa Ni3ma anNasseer

Saifu Deen alMuwahhied

Hear and believe.

Isn’t it odd that to the naive, Islam is seen as a relgion of peace, but to the believer you find justification for killing in your faith.

I mean this guy quotes the Qu’ran and references the Islamic version of judgement day to justify his actions.

I think fanatics of any religion are capable of making this leap…killing in the name of God etc. It’s just evil in my opinion.

[quote]hedo wrote:
Isn’t it odd that to the naive, Islam is seen as a relgion of peace, but to the believer you find justification for killing in your faith.

I mean this guy quotes the Qu’ran and references the Islamic version of judgement day to justify his actions.

I think fanatics of any religion are capable of making this leap…killing in the name of God etc. It’s just evil in my opinion.[/quote]

You are right that anyone can use their view of religion to justify atrocities. Just to name a few: The Roman empire persecution of Christians, The Crusades, The Inquisition (persecution of non-Christians), The Slave Trade, Manisfest Destinty (Killing of the American Natives), Jim Crow Laws, the the KKK, the Nazi party, Russian Communists all use religion (for or against)as a reason to justify themselves. Mankind has used this for hundreds of years to justify the evils that he does.